5 Natural Strategies to Ensure an Insect-Free Home

Whether you’re a fan of insects or terrified of creepy crawlies, you’d probably agree insects belong outside and not inside your house. Not only are bugs potentially annoying and distracting when they get into the house, their presence can lead to unsanitary conditions, bites, and even disease transfers.

Choosing the Right Fly Screen for Your Windows

Fly Screen for Your Windows
Fly Screen for Your Windows

Windows and doors allow the flow of natural light into the interior spaces your home. However, opening up your windows and doors can mean unwittingly allowing a whole host of unwanted things into your home – insects, organic materials carried in by the wind, and even the unwanted gaze of neighbours.

The Comprehensive Guide to Summer Home Style and Living

Summer can also bring about heat waves; sun streaming through the windows making it even hotter inside. And if you’re home isn’t designed to deal with the intense heat, you could be using a lot more electricity than you actually need to trying to cool it. Is your home designed to really make the most of the summer lifestyle? Do you have a relaxing outdoor entertainment area? What about a sunroom you can enjoy without those pesky flies? Can you enjoy time spent indoors? Are you really utilising the extra hours of natural light, or do you find yourself flicking light switches every time you enter a room?

How to Stylishly Screen Casement and Awning Windows


Versatile and stylish, awning and casement windows can enhance virtually any home’s design. Letting in lots of light, improving airflow and providing unobstructed views of the landscape, they have many advantages. But, whether you’re looking to replace your current windows, you have existing casement windows in your home or you recently moved into a newly built apartment which has awning windows, the question of correctly screening them can seem a challenge.

7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Home


Whether it’s a cockroach or spider, most of us shudder at the thought of a bug in the house. Insects might play a critical role in the ecosystem, but most of us would prefer to have our homes bug free. Here are some common bugs and insects found in Australian homes, and some tips on how to get rid of them without using toxic chemicals.

Open Living. Interior design trends 2015.

Interior design trends 2015.

Interior design trends 2015 focus on sophistication, luxury, serenity and versatility in furniture design and interior decorating. These trends include classic, retro and contemporary design ideas, traditional and new materials, muted warm colours, rich textures and inspired statement pieces.

Window furnishings.


Window furnishings, where do we start?  Selecting the right windows coverings for your home is one of the most important decisions you will make when renovating. If you choose correctly this one item will do more than just look good. The right window furnishing can be hard at work providing privacy, light control, insulation and possibly security.

To DIY or NOT. Is it worth installing your own insect screens?


Let’s face it, when it comes to DIY projects, how many times have we had the following thoughts:

  • How hard can it be?
  • That’s a bit pricey, I think I could give it a shot.
  • I’ve done some DIY work in the past it’s not so hard.

Well let’s give it a bit more thought before committing to a purchase that could be the beginning of the end of domestic bliss…

7 Benefits Of Installing Screens In Your Home.

Pleated Insect screen on the threshold of a bifold door.

There are several reasons why homeowners choose to screen their homes. In general, screens are installed as a way to make the home more comfortable.

As a rule of thumb, there are two types of screens: Security screens which have a double purpose: safety and insect barrier and Fly screens, which have the only purpose of keeping insects out of your home.

French Doors – 7 Reasons Why They Rule.


Have you ever wondered why French doors never go out of fashion?  Whether you walk into a heritage style or modern house, French doors always create elegant transition from indoor to outdoor living. They simply look beautiful, but is there more to their beauty?

1. French Doors have timeless “Chic”.

French doors have a way of looking “at home” in almost any style of house. Their simplicity lends them to be dressed and personalised to suit traditional and modern homes alike.