5 Reasons to Screen Your Homes Windows and Doors

To make the most of your home, you want to take advantage of every part of it. This means making every space as comfortable as it can be.

For homeowners looking to bring the outside in, installing screens is a must. Screens allow you to take advantage of natural breezes, natural light, fresh air, picturesque views and energy efficiency. They can offer safety and security and they’ll keep unwanted insects from coming into your home.

As a rule of thumb, there are two types of screens you can install in your home. Security screens are designed with protection in mind and are made with tough materials that are a deterrent to thieves. The thickness and angle of the mesh not only makes security screens secure, it makes it harder for passer-byers to see inside your property. You get the uninterrupted view outside and make the most of the fresh air, but your privacy is maximised.

Fly screens are designed solely for the purpose of keeping insects out of your home but they too come with a huge range of benefits. As well as keep pests and bugs out, flyscreens can help to keep debris out of the home (no more leaves on a windy day!) and they can also add to the aesthetics of your home.

Retractable and pleated fly screens combine both function with style, and have the added benefit of being discreet within your home. This would seem the best option for those looking to maintain the design elements of their home whilst enjoying the advantages that screens offer.

If you’re considering the investment of screens in your home, there are a ton of reasons why you should go for it. Here are those reasons in a little more detail…

Pest control

The most obvious benefit of fly screens and security screens is that they keep flies, mosquitos and all other unwanted pests out of the home. This is particularly important in the warmer months when you want to take advantage of natural breezes but can’t because these pests are at their most rampant.

Spanning a wide range of lengths and styles, flyscreens can be customised to seal off complete areas so that you can sit back and relax and never worry about pests. Screens suit all sorts of window and door openings and can be fixed, manually pulled down or across, or even automated for when you open up your home.

Security and safety

If you love the idea of leaving your front door or patio doors open most of the time, security screens offer you peace of mind and protection. Security and safety screens are extremely tough to break into and add a layer of defence against a potential burglary or home invasion. Security and safety screens won’t detract from your entry door, architecture or outdoor vistas but they will act as a first line of defence for property owners, allowing you to bring the outdoors in on a much more regular basis.

More light

Windows and doors are two of the most important factors contributing to the amount of natural light coming into your home. For this reason, they should be kept clean and open whenever possible. Retractable screens are the perfect solution when opening doors and windows and they help you create a bigger sense of space.

Energy efficiency

Retractable screens are a view-friendly way to reduce energy waste in your home and improve indoor air quality. Screens encourage ‘green’ behaviour, allowing you to open up the house and reduce reliance on mechanical cooling or heating. Screens also provide additional shading and UV resistance during hot seasons and add a measure of privacy.

Maximise view

Retractable screens are the perfect way to seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor spaces. By using black stainless steel or black fly screen mesh, you’re guaranteed the best visibility.

Once upon a time, homeowners may have been reluctant to install screens for fear they would obstruct views, but modern day systems make this a fear of the past. For those not wanting screens at all times, retractable and pleated systems let you only use screens only when you need to.

Benefits of having screens in the home

The humble fly screen has long been a staple of many Australian homes and while home design may have changed over the years, the need for screening hasn’t. In order to live the great Australian dream, you need to be comfortable within your own walls. You can’t do this if flies and mosquitoes are a problem.

Inviting fresh air into your home is a welcome relief in Australia and no one understands this more than the team at Artilux. Offering many different materials, styles, colours, strengths and types of screens, Artilux can install the right screens for your home.

Screens are a common feature in Australian homes but that doesn’t mean that choosing your screens should be easy. There’s a lot to consider, such as climate, location, view, insects, pets, children, privacy and style. Let Artilux do the hard work for you and come up with a plan for screening your home in the most stylish and practical way. You can never underestimate the impact the right screens will have on your home’s aesthetics, form and function!

Considering retractable or pleated fly screens? Artilux was the first company to bring the style to Australia and is the leading supplier of high-quality retractable fly screens. A family business, you’re guaranteed a personal service too. Contact us or arrange your free onsite quote today.