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Pleated Fly Screens For Doors & Windows

For truly seamless indoor-outdoor integration, you can’t go wrong with an ALLEGRO pleated insect screen

Smooth Sliding System

Our ALLEGRO pleated insect screens are easier to use and more versatile than retractable alternatives. Discrete tracks blend right into existing door frames and the bottom tracks are barely noticeable. Simply slide the screen open, as much or as little as you like, and feel the breeze pour in.

Remarkably Adaptable

The Artilux ALLEGRO Pleated screen can easily be installed on corner doors, extra large openings, concealed into a wall cavity, pretty much in any type of door or configuration you can think of, is possible.

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon...

…and you and your family are just kicking back in the living area, enjoying the last hours of a relaxing weekend. There is a nice breeze outside and as the sun begins to set you simply slide your pleated screen across the doorway and nestle back into the couch. Designed to bring the outdoors in, keep your guests entertained with an ALLEGRO pleated insect screen that keeps you and your home comfortable.

Why an ALLEGRO pleated insect screen?


Our ALLEGRO pleated insect screens discreetly blend into your door frame and your living space


The perfect expression of contemporary style, pleated screens will create a sleek, modern aesthetic.


Unlock the full potential of your living space by opening them up to the outdoors and making them more comfortable.

Unlock Your Home’s Potential

My compliments to Artilux for a wonderful product and to Dudley for his professionalism, kindness and impeccable attention to detail.