5 Design Tips for a Stunning Hamptons-Style Patio

Hamptons style patio featuring bi-fold doors, retractable fly screen, rattan furniture and wooden flooring in a Sydney home

The popularity of the Hamptons style

The Hamptons style, with its natural themes and elegant beach and country vibes, has become one of the most coveted design approaches. For Australians, this summer-resort style has resonated for a lot of reasons. It aligns easily with the continent’s year-round temperate weather as well as Aussies’ love of the great outdoors. With most of our population living close to the coast, it’s not surprising that the Hamptons style and its celebration of outdoor living has become so popular.

Outdoor Living Spaces: A Quick Guide to Adding a Sunroom

Sunroom with double-glazed windows added as an extension to a home in Sidney, AU
Sunroom with double-glazed windows added as an extension to a home in Sidney, AU

What are sunrooms?

Sunrooms are screen- or glass-enclosed spaces attached to your house with access to the garden. They offer the best of both the outdoors and indoors, offering shelter from the elements while keeping you connected to the outdoors. These transitional spaces are usually filled with outdoor furniture, and they make perfect areas to relax and enjoy some natural light, views, and fresh air. They make great additions to the home, especially if you’d like more outdoor living areas.

The Most Common Australian Insects & How To Avoid Them

Insects are common in Australia during the warmer months of the year, and they can be very annoying! Whether big or small, you’ll find insects disrupting your BBQ party, ruining your family Christmas dinner, feasting on food in the kitchen, or even disturbing your sleep. What’s more, some of them can damage your property or be hazardous to your health.

How to Clean Sea Salt Off Windows

Living by the beach is the ultimate dream. However, there is a downside to living so close to the water- sea salt. The salty atmosphere can do serious damage to your home’s exterior. Whether it’s the paintwork or the windows, the ocean spray can be a real menace for your home’s maintenance.

12 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Verandah

Designed well, verandahs can be a home’s haven. Be it for a get-together with friends, moments of quiet reflection, reading, craft activities or simply sitting and relaxing, a veranda can be a versatile space and a space you truly love. To get the most out of your verandah, however, there are factors you should consider…

5 Natural Strategies to Ensure an Insect-Free Home

Whether you’re a fan of insects or terrified of creepy crawlies, you’d probably agree insects belong outside and not inside your house. Not only are bugs potentially annoying and distracting when they get into the house, their presence can lead to unsanitary conditions, bites, and even disease transfers.

10 Design Ideas for Entertaining Outside in Autumn

artilux - 10 Design Ideas for Entertaining Outside in Autumn

artilux - 10 Design Ideas for Entertaining Outside in Autumn
Autumn is Australia is a special season. Gone is the oppressive heat of summer, we welcome cooler days and evenings, gentle breezes, light cardigans and red wine. It’s a season made for intimate outdoor entertaining, and the best events begin with an eye for design.

Screening against allergies and disease.

Good company is this – not insects!

Good company is this – not insects!

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in your living room reading a book. You have your bifold doors totally open and an Artilux retractable fly screen doors fully extended. Gentle breeze is coming in and cooling down your place, refreshing the air. Honestly, all you need is a butler to bring you a nice cold sangria (we don’t include butlers with our fly screens unfortunately…).

7 tips for selecting new doors for your home.


Renovating your home is one of those really exciting processes. As it develops and when it goes to plan, it feels like you are actually watching your dream house come true. There will always be a bit of pain, sweat and tears but at the end is all part of game.