Windows are essential for natural light and ventilation

There is nothing more important to a home than windows. Unfortunately, most people only appreciate the importance of windows when they live in a place that doesn’t have them. We all know that claustrophobic feeling of being in a room with poor ventilation and artificial light.

Windows can be a primary source of light, airflow, and even temperature regulation. To keep beautiful windows open throughout the day and enjoy the benefits, they need to be screened.

If you are building a new home, or feel like the windows in your current home are under-utilised, you might be wondering about your ideal window screening options?

Find the answers to your frequently asked questions below. Discover why screening windows is not only possible, but preferable to all other alternatives.

Colour Range

Standard Colours

Elevate your design possibilities with over 100 timeless colour shades thoughtfully curated to seamlessly integrate with your existing décor, transforming Artilux screens into an integral part of your living space at no extra cost for you.

Anotec Dark Grey Matt
Anotec Mid Bronze Matt
Anotec Silver Grey Matt
APO Grey Dulux Satin
APO Grey Interpon Satin
APO Grey Scylla Texture
Basalt Interpon Matt
Basalt Standard Satin
Berry Grey Satin
Black Dulux Matt
Black Interpon Texture
Black Satin
Black Scylla Texture
Blue Ridge Satin
Bright White Gloss
Bushland Matt
Bushland Satin Satin
Charcoal Gloss
Charcoal Satin
Classic Cream Matt

Premium Colours

Enjoy even more choice with our Premium Powder Coating Colours, ensuring your Artilux screens reflect your unique style and vision.

Anodic Bronze Pearl Satin
Anodic Bronze Satin
Anodic Champagne Matt
Anodic Natural Matt
Asteroid Pearl Matt
Asteroid Texture
Basalt Premium Flat
Black Ace Flat
Blaze Blue Gloss
Bondi Blue Gloss
Brilliance Kinetic Flat
Bronze Pearl Matt
Bronze Pearl Satin
Burnished Copper Flat
Champagne Kinetic Pearl Matt
Champagne Pearl Matt
Charcoal Metallic Gloss
Charcoal Metallic Pearl Gloss
Charcoal Pearl Matt
Charcoal Premium Matt


Providing exceptional durability, these finishes offer a sleek and modern look that complements contemporary design, ensuring your Artilux screens stand the test of time.

Black Satin
Clear Anodise Satin
Dark Bronze Satin


Our range of Decorative Finishes includes specially designed woodgrain options that seamlessly complement the most prevalent timber styles used for windows and doors in Australia.

African Mahogany Texture
American Walnut Texture
Australian Cedar Texture
Burma Teak Texture
Cherry Texture
Chestnut Texture
Ebony Texture Texture
European Alder Texture
European Walnut Texture
Exotic White Texture
Jarrah Texture
Marble Texture
Meranti Texture
Merbau Texture
Northern Red Oak Texture
Rose Mahogany Texture
Rose Wood Texture
Walnut Texture
Wenge Texture
Western Red Cedar Texture