Open Living. Interior design trends 2015.

Interior design trends 2015.

Interior design trends 2015 focus on sophistication, luxury, serenity and versatility in furniture design and interior decorating. These trends include classic, retro and contemporary design ideas, traditional and new materials, muted warm colours, rich textures and inspired statement pieces.

Go Green

Natural materials such a stone, timber coupled with lush green plants are very much in vogue now. The natural look is making waves in the design world at the moment as well. By bringing elements of the outside into your home, you can create elegant, calm spaces. Plenty of plants are essential if you want your home to be a homage to the great outdoors. Add floral or leaf prints on soft furnishings and window dressings can enhance this effect.

Interior design trends 2015 - Vertical gardens are a wonderful feature.

Gold is the new black

Good bye silver and stainless steel fixtures, hello gold and mixed metals.  Metals such as copper and rose gold have slowly been on trend over the last few years, but true gold is making a strong comeback.  The latest in design trends is the focus is opulence and luxury, what better way to add sophistication to your home than starting with gold taps and fittings in your bathroom.

Interior design trends 2015 - Gold / Brass faucets are back in trend.

Welcome back wallpaper.

Wallpaper is back with vengeance.   Plain white walls are yesterday, in 2o15 the demand is heating up for texture, warmth and colour.  We will see an increase in wall paper options with an array of designs to suit any room in any style of house.

Interior design trends 2015 - Wall paper with coloured patterns.

Modern/Mid-century Classics.

2015 gives the nod to the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s for inspiration.  We’re not talking a total flash back to all things of the era, but  we see the return of iconic and beautifully designed pieces that ad interest to a room but don’t dominate the space.   The correct placement of a chair, coffee table or drinks trolley will look elegant.  Go too far and you risk getting into kitsch territory.

Interior design trends 2015 - living room inspired in the 60's

Muted Colours.

Colour pallets for 2015 move away from pastels and bright colours to more muted and organic tones.  Rust, olive green, dusty mint, salmon, deep blues, and burgundy give warmth to a room.

Interior design trends 2015 - Muted colours with lighting effects.