Home Remodelling: What’s Hot in Home Transformation?

Home Remodelling: What’s Hot in Home Transformation?

Home Remodelling: What’s Hot in Home Transformation?

For most people, their home is their pride and joy. While home design should be a perfect blend of aesthetics, personality, and functionality, elements pertaining to liveability also need to be at the fore. However, aspects relating to the notion of liveability can change on a year-to-year basis.

With this in mind, a lot of people look to enhance elements of liveability through methods of home remodelling. With so many design options available, tackling a home transformation can feel overwhelming.

To help formulate ideas or find inspiration, following home remodelling trends can be a great place to start. These trends essentially form insights that will help you pick the best projects for your home. Whether those projects be smart home integration or installing retractable fly screens to enhance indoor/outdoor living.  

Trends in home remodelling 

With every passing year the nature of home remodelling is changing. In the past, remodelling referred to knocking dividing walls or building extensions. However, today’s remodelling centres around employing different design principles, no matter how big or small, to enhance your home. 

The importance placed on using remodelling to enhance the home is largely due to the impact of COVID-19. With the price of materials soaring, labour shortages, and a need to be at home more, design trends began to change.

Instead of purchasing new dwellings, homeowners were and are now more interested in directing their capital towards making their homes a haven. This means homes that have convenience and functionality at the fore, while also increasing liveability and aesthetics.

  1. Open floor plans and multifunctional spaces

One such trend in remodelling is the push towards open floor plans and multifunctional spaces. This trend essentially involves focusing on the idea of open-plan living where spaces like the living room, dining area, and kitchen are situated together with no visible barriers such as windows. 

Multifunctional spaces are also key. With the home acting as a haven, people want to be able to do more from home. This could mean having a spare bedroom that doubles as an office. It could mean having a second living area that doubles as a homework or library space. 

  1. Sustainable and eco-friendly remodelling

With the world more attuned to the importance of sustainability, eco-friendly home design is also a prominent trend when it comes to home remodelling. Think of sustainable and eco-friendly remodelling as using natural and even organic materials when building an outdoor deck or accessorising a room. 

  1. Smart home technology integration

Smart home technology integration is all about installing devices that make everyday tasks more convenient. This could take the form of motion sensors, apps that control the thermostat, or security cameras. By integrating technology into your home, you can actually make your space feel modern. 

2023’s hottest home transformations 

In 2023, some of the best home transformations had a few things in common, they utilised different elements of design to create homes and spaces that embrace interior design trends and the importance of maximising space. 

While each trend can be utilised in different ways, technology was at the heart of these renovations. By using things like staging tools, it’s easier than ever before to see how homes will turn out in order to ensure the success of your planned remodelling. 

  1. Biophilic design and indoor/outdoor living

One of COVID-19’s biggest and most long-lasting impacts on remodelling trends is the need to feel connected to nature. This takes the form of being surrounded by natural materials such as wood, plant life in the form of indoor planters, or the concept of indoor/outdoor living. 

With biophilia at the fore, spaces can be created that showcase wooden features, plants or seamless entertaining areas. One way to open the indoors to the outdoors is by installing retractable fly screens which seamlessly open your home up to the outdoors. 

  1. Minimalism and clutter-free spaces

With people looking to use their homes for more activities than ever before, minimalism and the notion of clutter-free spaces were on trend in 2023. By keeping design additions to a minimum, there is more space to live, work, and play without making the home feel cluttered. 

  1. The rise of flexible and adaptable spaces

This need to make homes increasingly more functional also made the idea of adaptable spaces a trend in 2023. Rather than just making rooms that service one function, living rooms or spare bedrooms also doubled as other spaces to ensure that no matter the occasion, the home was flexible enough to cater to all demands.

  1. Embracing warm and earthy colour palettes

The idea of the home as a haven also resulted in the warm and more natural colour palettes being on trend. Tapping into that notion of biophilia, choosing a colour palette that resembles the outdoors helps to elicit feelings of calmness, peace, and comfort.

Benefits of contemporary renovations 

While some people might shy away from renovation trends, there is a lot of merit to following them. Trends are popular for a reason and contemporary trends in particular work to infuse the home with a host of different positives. 

For example, elements of biophilic design and indoor/outdoor living can work to both enhance comfort and functionality. The connection to nature helps you feel more comfortable, while also helping to create a healthier living environment. Meanwhile, indoor/outdoor living gives you more options for both living and dining.

When it comes to embracing notions of minimalism and adaptable spaces, these small changes can actually help to increase property value and marketability. Every person has individual needs and potential buyers are enticed by adaptable spaces that they can envision housing their own personal interests such as an art studio or working-from-home space.

Another great thing about contemporary renovations is the ability to promote sustainability and energy efficiency. With the introduction of sustainable building materials and the rise in popularity of recycled furniture, eco-friendly homes are possible. Additionally, by embracing smart technology that helps to track energy consumption, energy efficiency is made easier.

Perhaps the best thing about contemporary renovations is the fact that they provide a medium to showcase your personal style and aesthetics. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to remodelling options, you can take inspiration from trends and adapt them to your needs and your style preferences to create something that is undeniably you. 

Integrating retractable fly screens into your home transformation 

One of the most popular home remodelling trends is creating seamless indoor/outdoor living. One such method to achieve this is by integrating retractable fly screens into your contemporary home design.

Acting as a way to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor living and entertaining, retractable fly screens can be configured and designed with elements of practicality and aesthetics in mind.

With a range of different colour options for the framework, as well as configuration options, retractable fly screens complement the overall home and how you enter and exit these indoor and outdoor spaces. Ensuring that functionality remains at the fore, whether you are entertaining friends and family or wanting to open your home up to a cool breeze on a warm night. 

Remodelling your home with the latest trends

Some of the best home remodelling trends centre around some design principles you can incorporate into your home to make it feel more aesthetically pleasing and functional. This is true whether you’re looking into elements of biophilic design or open plan living. 

While staying up to date on trends can feel never-ending, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse. Whether looking to undergo a small project such as installing retractable fly screens or a large remodel, with these trends in mind, at Artilux, we can help to increase your home’s value and liveability. 

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