5 Natural Strategies to Ensure an Insect-Free Home

Whether you’re a fan of insects or terrified of creepy crawlies, you’d probably agree insects belong outside and not inside your house. Not only are bugs potentially annoying and distracting when they get into the house, their presence can lead to unsanitary conditions, bites, and even disease transfers.

Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water, while litter can encourage flies to breed. Other types of insects you could be welcoming include ants, wasps, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, ticks, and other types of insects into your house.

So what can you do to ensure your home is bug-free and clean? Consider applying these five strategies today.

1. Use natural deterrents

Explore natural methods to deter bugs and insects without exposing your family to toxic chemicals. You could start your own defensive garden and create your own homemade sprays preventing bugs from coming inside. For example, most insects are repelled by mint amongst a variety of other plants. You can even consider adopting and indoor venus fly trap to catch any bugs that might find its way inside.

2. Clean away food and debris immediately

Insects are attracted to spoiling food, standing water, and damp, dark areas. For a notable improvement at keeping bugs and insects at bay by simply keep your kitchen and dining areas clean.

  • Mop up spills, and clean away uneaten food as soon as possible.
  • Store food in tightly sealed containers in the fridge.
  • Don’t leave pet food or water out overnight.
  • Use a bin with a lid to keep tossed food covered.
  • Clean dirty dishes and wipe down tables and benches after cooking and eating.
  • Keep your outdoor garbage bins closed
  • Make sure the food you toss away is sealed shut in rubbish bags so the bugs can’t get access even if they do get in the bin.

3. Maintain your garden and outdoors

Standing water attracts insects, so have your outdoor pipes checked for any leaks. Ensure any soffits and gable vents are sealed so bugs can’t get into your attic or roof space. You should also have conduits and piping checked and sealed where it enters the structure since insects can gain access through power lines, conduits, and pipes.

It’s also a good idea to have your gutter drains checked, as this can help you reduce the risk of moisture buildup near your home. Have leaves and other debris removed from your roof and gutters to eliminate breeding sites for bugs. For your garage, ensure you have sufficient weather stripping to deter entry through the garage doors. If you have an irrigation system, check it to make sure water isn’t puddling near your house and its foundations.

4. Seal your doors and windows

Doors and windows leading outside need to be effectively sealed. If you can see light around your doorways and window frames, insects can most likely enter your home through these gaps. Start with a sturdy threshold under your doorways, preferably steel or aluminium, and add a door sweep for extra protection.

Apply weatherstripping around the door and window frames, as well as clear caulk for door frame joints next to the wall. Keep in mind sealing doors won’t keep bugs out if you leave them open. Use a door closer to keep doors shut at all times and use screens on your windows and entry points.

5. Use fly screens on doors and windows

If you don’t have fly screens on your doors and windows, it’s a good idea to consider having them installed. Screens keep bugs out, prevent debris from being blown inside, and create more security. You’ll also be able to ventilate your home easily whilst keeping your house cooler during summer.

When it comes to screens, you have options such as fixed screens, which are great for windows; as well as retractable and pleated screens, which are more suited for doorways. Choose a mesh that’s small enough to keep mosquitoes and other insects out of the home.

Once you have your screens installed, check them once in a while for tears or holes, as these are places where insects can easily gain access to your home. If there’s been damage have it repaired and sealed quickly and keep your doors or windows closed until it’s fixed.

Enjoy life with less buzz

Insects are an important part of our ecosystem, but you wouldn’t want them in the home as they can compromise health and hygiene. By following these easy and practical strategies for keeping your house free of bugs, you can keep insects where they belong – outside – and ensure your home is free of them.

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