5 Design Tips for a Stunning Hamptons-Style Patio

The popularity of the Hamptons style

The Hamptons style, with its natural themes and elegant beach and country vibes, has become one of the most coveted design approaches. For Australians, this summer-resort style has resonated for a lot of reasons. It aligns easily with the continent’s year-round temperate weather as well as Aussies’ love of the great outdoors. With most of our population living close to the coast, it’s not surprising that the Hamptons style and its celebration of outdoor living has become so popular.

So how do you bring the natural themes and elegance of this style to your outdoor space? We set out five of the best design tips to keep in mind when creating a Hamptons-style alfresco in your home.

What are the design elements of a Hamptons-style patio?

Hamptons-style outdoor furniture for an outdoor alfresco area in a Sydney home.

What are the design elements that will create a cohesive look for your alfresco? Use these insights to create an authentic Hamptons aesthetic for your outdoor dining space.

1. Structural elements

For structural elements, the Hamptons style is about intricacy and detail. Examples include a pitched gable roof and weatherboard for exterior walls if you’re incorporating partial walls for your alfresco. Balustrades and eaves fit in with the coastal theme, bringing elegance, detail, and sophistication to your alfresco.

2. Open space outdoor living with natural light

The coastal look of the Hamptons means plenty of natural light and effortless outdoor living with an open, spacious, and airy feel to the area. Natural light isn’t just an aesthetic feature. It can support good health, as it can prevent oversleeping, overeating, and loss of energy.

If your alfresco is enclosed, use large windows and French doors to allow plenty of natural light into the space. Another idea is to create a seamless transition from the indoors to your alfresco with bifold doors and windows and use modern, discreet insect mesh to protect against insects.

3. Flooring

Wooden flooring is perfect when it comes to a Hamptons-style floor, so try light oak floorboards if you’re dressing the floors. Alternatively, you can try natural materials like stone or natural slate tiles, ideally in whites, neutrals, and greys.

4. Colour palette

The classic Hamptons style features a lot of whites, gentle greys, and neutrals. Think white or whitewash furniture. You can add touches of deep blues, ocean greens, stone, and sand; these accent colours align with the beachy, holiday living of the Hamptons. Adding patterns is another way to bring interest to the space while staying true to the theme. Try Gingham, paisley, floral, and stripe patterns in your cushions, outdoor rugs, tableware, and seating in your alfresco area. Use linen, jute, and other natural materials for extra texture.

5. Finishing touches to tie together the look

Add furniture and accessories to complete your Hamptons look. Choose materials like marble, brass, rattan, or a shell or faux shell for your tableware. White textured pottery, ceramic or glass table lamps, and touches of blues and florals also make excellent finishing touches to your furniture and accessories in your alfresco.

Natural textured rugs, such as sisal or wool, along with timber or rattan seating upholstered in blues or whites round out that relaxed look you’re looking for. For your centrepiece, try a natural timber trestle or pedestal dining table. Unobtrusive fly screens that keep out the insects can also help make your Hamptons-style alfresco more comfortable.

Avoid these mistakes when designing your patio in Hamptons style

The Hamptons style can be subtle and hard to get right, so keep these four common errors in mind when setting up your alfresco.

1. Contrasting design styles

The Hamptons approach blends both the beachy and country styles effortlessly for a timeless appeal. Don’t skip back and forth between the two styles when creating your look as this can lead to a jarring effect. Instead, focus on textures and colours. Use neutrals and pastels like all-white and light greys and combine these with natural textures like timber and rattan. For furniture choose timber or cane.

2. Over-decorating

Over-decorating with too many decor items can turn Hamptons charm into Hamptons kitsch. For rugs, opt for jute or sisal. Avoid using too many shells or overtly beachy decor items. For colour, add a plant and some linen cushions.

3. Featuring a leather couch

You might want to bring in a leather couch for the quality and durability, but for a truly Hamptons look, softer materials are the way to go. To create a relaxing corner in your alfresco, choose a loose linen or rattan sofa in a neutral colour.

4. Going dark and moody

Dark and moody spaces are the opposite of the Hamptons aesthetic. Timbers are one of the pitfalls as it’s easy to go too dark with these. Choose mostly blonde with some black and white mixed in. Avoid darker shades and reds; red timbers clash with the neutral tones of the Hamptons colour palette.

Bring the Hamptons aesthetic into your home

It’s easy to see why the relaxed, timeless Hamptons aesthetic is so popular. Introduce detailing in your walls, roofing, balustrades, and eaves. Bring in the natural light to achieve that light and bright coastal vibe. Choose lighter shades for flooring, and stay true to the colour palette with everything else. For furnishings and accessories, think natural fabrics and textures. Apply these tips and avoid common pitfalls like going too dark and over-decorating, and you’ll be able to recreate the elegant and charming Hamptons style in your outdoor living area.

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