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Fly Screens For French Doors

French doors are a statement piece

The term ‘French doors’ and ‘French windows’ are generally used interchangeably. Both carry the same design, style and function with the only difference being how they are used – as a door, or as a window. Either way, they are a timeless design that adds character to your home. Their classic features are also the perfect frame for a spectacular view.

Screens for French doors have typically been quite clumsy looking and defeat the purpose of having stylish doors. Fortunately, Artilux offers a range of solutions to screen French doors that aren’t just based on size, but more importantly on how you use them in your home.

If you are building a new home, or currently have French doors, you might be wondering about your screening options?

Find the answers to your frequently asked questions below. Discover why screening French doors is not only possible, but preferable to all other alternatives

Ultimate Screen Choice for Style and Performance

Elevate Your Living Space With Designer Retractable Screen Doors

For some, the benefits of french doors revolve around their timeless nature. As such, french doors are a real statement piece. For others, the allure of french doors centers around their ability to seamlessly connect indoor and outdoors spaces. 


Artilux’s premium retractable fly screens can help you take full advantage of this connectivity. Available in a range of stylish options, retractable fly screens add value and functionality. Ensuring that your access to cool summer breezes isn’t interrupted by the buzz of insects. 

Learn about retractable fly screens.

Luxurious Pleated Screens For French Door Design

Evoking a sense of timelessness, french doors can make great home design features. Picture stepping out of the doors with your cup of morning coffee or sitting out there in the evening taking in the night sky. 

With a pleated insect screen from Artilux, enjoying your french doors can be more than just a spasmodic activity. Complete with discrete tracks, one or both doors can remain open during the day, flooding the surrounding area with light and air, adding to your home’s ambience. 

Learn about pleated insect screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is yes, French doors can be screened. However, if a French door has a bulky screen attached, it will ruin the elegance of the doorway. Artilux can install both pleated and retractable screens that integrate seamlessly with your doorway and function with a smooth action.

French doors are a popular choice because they are both classic and versatile. Aside from their charming aesthetics, French doors can also maximise ventilation since they can be left completely open, or opened in the direction of the breeze.

Since they are designed to be left open for long periods of time, screening them is more essential than with other door types.

Contrary to belief, screening French doors isn’t difficult, but it is very apparent when they are screened cheaply, or with a style that doesn’t match the frame.

More than other door types, the door itself is as much of a visual statement as the view that it frames. That’s why fitting a discrete screen, without bulky cassette systems or tracks, is necessary to preserve the elegance of the door itself.

The Artilux range of screens are all designed to blend with the door frame, with minimal obstruction of the view.

Fortunately, Artilux offers a range of solutions to screen French doors that aren’t just based on size, but more importantly on how you choose to use them in your home.

For instance, do you open just one door at a time? Do your doors hinge inwards or outwards? Are they doors you only use for ventilation? You provide the answers and we’ll provide the solutions.

The video below illustrates two ways to screen French Doors (basically with single and double screen solutions), both solutions can be approached with the range of retractable screens or pleated insect screens from Artilux.