5 Tips To Keep Rooms With Large Windows Warm

In some areas, winter is already here with freezing temperatures sweeping across us seemingly overnight. But just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t be warm and toasty inside. However, one of the most popular features of the classic Australian home can be fairly detrimental at this time of year. That being our preference for big, bright windows.

The Best Window Styles for a Bedroom

The impact of the windows in a bedroom to its overall aesthetics and liveability cannot be overstated. The right style windows can ensure that a house feels like a complete piece in terms of overall design. Furthermore, the style of windows used can also make or break the function of a bedroom. And so, we’ve compiled the following guide to help you choose the best window styles to help suit your bedroom planning.

What are the Benefits of Double-Glazed Glass Windows?

When building or renovating a house, it’s important to pay close attention to the windows, as windows can make or (figuratively) break your home’s comfort factors in both summer and winter. Not to mention, windows can have a huge bearing on a house’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint.

One of the best things homeowners can do for their property is to invest in insulated glass windows. While insulating glass windows is deemed expensive, the benefits are immeasurable and will last for many years to come. Helping you build a home that is not only kind to you, but also the broader environment.

5 Simple Window Changes to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

As temperatures across the country start to rise, it’s time to consider how you will keep your house cool this summer. Most of us equate cooling a home with exponentially high power bills. However, by adopting a few smart strategies, keeping a home cool this summer won’t be so much of a strain on your hip pocket.

How to Clean Sea Salt Off Windows

Living by the beach is the ultimate dream. However, there is a downside to living so close to the water- sea salt. The salty atmosphere can do serious damage to your home’s exterior. Whether it’s the paintwork or the windows, the ocean spray can be a real menace for your home’s maintenance.

7 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Choosing Blinds, Awnings, and Shutters

When your home has blinds, awnings or shutters protecting the windows, there are a number of key benefits you will enjoy. From added insulation to greater privacy and light control, there are endless reasons to choose blinds, awnings and shutters over curtains.

Like most accessories for your home blinds, awnings and shutters come in all types of material, colour and shape. They can be fixed or retractable and on every window or just some. Any home that employs these can expect the following benefits:

  • Protection from the elements
  • Money saved on your energy bills
  • Improved aesthetic appeal
  • Privacy and lighting control
  • Increased function and ease
  • Customisation

Choosing the Right Fly Screen for Your Windows

Fly Screen for Your Windows
Fly Screen for Your Windows

Windows and doors allow the flow of natural light into the interior spaces your home. However, opening up your windows and doors can mean unwittingly allowing a whole host of unwanted things into your home – insects, organic materials carried in by the wind, and even the unwanted gaze of neighbours.

A Comprehensive Guide to Bringing the Benefits of Natural Light Into Your Home

Natural light doesn’t just cut down on the cost of electricity; it’s the most powerful light you can bring into your the home, as it’s a healthy and natural way to enjoy the indoors. Natural light also brings with it warmth and vitamin D, helping to make rooms comfortable and cozy, even in the dead of winter. Another benefit of natural light that often goes ignored is its ability to freshen the air in a room. We’ve all had an experience of a dark, musty-smelling room that doesn’t get much natural light. These rooms are never comfortable to spend any length of time in. Natural light is one of the best ways to clear odor out of a space.

How to Stylishly Screen Casement and Awning Windows


Versatile and stylish, awning and casement windows can enhance virtually any home’s design. Letting in lots of light, improving airflow and providing unobstructed views of the landscape, they have many advantages. But, whether you’re looking to replace your current windows, you have existing casement windows in your home or you recently moved into a newly built apartment which has awning windows, the question of correctly screening them can seem a challenge.