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Fly Screen For Sliding Doors & Stacker Doors

Stacker doors are the stylish way to save space

Whether it’s for views, or to provide access to an open area, stacker doors are ideal. They offer great functionality without compromising on space, like inward or outward opening doors can. There is also something undeniably satisfying about sliding open a door to be met with the great outdoors.

If you’ve invested in stacker doors and made them a great feature of your home, you want to take full advantage of their functionality. Well, as the name suggests, sliding doors are designed to slide open and bring the outdoors in. To do this, your door needs to be screened.

If you are building a new home, or have stacker/sliding doors in your current home, you might be wondering about your screening options?

Find the answers to your frequently asked questions below. Discover why screening stacker/sliding doors is not only possible, but preferable to all other alternatives

Discreet & Functional Screen Solutions for Sliding and Stacker Doors

Elegant Design With Retractable Fly Screens

When in use, sliding and stacking doors act as a facilitator to seamless indoor/outdoor living. When not in use, this home design feature is effectively a large window providing light and an increased sense of space. 

Retractable fly screens help make the most of sliding and stacking doors, whatever their configurations. These high-end screens feature multiple design options to ensure compatibility. Resulting in sliding and stacker doors that are equal parts stylish and practical.

Learn about retractable fly screens.

Pleated Insect Screens For Added Luxury

Sliding doors can double as a focal point in a home, offering unobstructed views and a visceral connection to elements of nature. Sliding doors also facilitate seamless indoor/outdoor living and dining. Especially since opening your home up to the great outdoors is as simple as sliding open the doors. 

While this provides everything from improved lighting and fresh air, insects great and small also congregate outside. Practical and high-quality, pleated insect screens from the Artilux range offer insect protection that blends discreetly into the door frame for unparalleled aesthetics. 

Learn about pleated insect screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stacker/slider doors can absolutely be screened, despite the common misconception that a sliding door and sliding screen are incompatible. The trick is to have a discrete cassette or track system that doesn’t pose a trip hazard or leave unsightly lines on the floor once the door has slid away.

Stacker/slider doors can be made with up to 6 panels, creating a width of more than six metres. When screened properly, this gives the illusion of a large window that slides away before your eyes. Stacker/slider doors integrate indoor and outdoor areas and create large open spaces for entertaining in your home.

If you enjoy entertaining large numbers of guests, or you and your family love bringing the light and warmth into your living space on the weekends, a professionally fitted screened stacker door is a must-have feature.

A stacker/slider door is typically composed of sliding doors with two sliding panels, which is used in wide openings or entrance-ways for a home. Unlike bifold doors, they do not fold into each other, instead sliding on rails. Because of this, stacker doors can be perceived as a challenge, but that’s not the case.

At Artilux, our experts always endeavour to install screens that allow your doors to be functional, without taking away the beauty or the aesthetics of the doors themselves.

The videos below will illustrate two ways to approach the screening of stacker/slider doors. These solutions can be achieved with Artilux retractable fly screens or our Allegro™ Pleated Insect Screen. Artilux offers a range of solutions to screen your stacker doors. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach either – we’ll fit them based on the way you actually use them.