6 Fun Kid-Friendly Outdoor-Patio Activities for This Winter

a young family is playing on their outdoor patio


Outdoor living spaces like decks and patios are increasingly common in Aussie homes. Some households might even consider them to be essential. In summer, they’re indispensable whether you’re having friends over for a barbeque or just relaxing in the sunshine with a book. That being said, your patio is also a great spot for winter activities, especially with the kids. Check out these fun-activity ideas for inspiration and don’t overlook using your patio during the colder months.

Fun kids’ activities to play on your patio this winter

An outdoor patio is usable throughout the year, including in winter. You may only need to make a few easy design tweaks and additions to make your outdoor patio an all-season area for everyone in the household. This minimal effort is well worth it as it expands the functionality and total outdoor living space you have available in your home.

1. Build a fort

Kids love building and playing with forts, so gather up some old sheets and outdoor furniture to create a fort for an afternoon of fun on your patio. Show the kids how to set up the chairs in rows and drape the sheets to shape the fort. Improvise with books, clothing pegs, and rubber bands to keep sheet edges in place. Your fort will make for a novel playtime for the kids and keep them warm on your patio too.

2. Enjoy a patio dance party

Ready for some music and movement away from the television? Restless kids will love a patio dance party during an uneventful weekend. Set up some speakers and build a dance-worthy playlist of your favourites. Show the kids some moves and get them to invent their own. Whip up some healthful snacks in case they get hungry.

It’s worth mentioning adding simple features like fly screens to a walled patio expands the functionality of your space and keeps out the insects. Your electronics and speakers stay indoors and relatively protected from the elements and you can easily open up your house to the outdoors, allowing the kids to enjoy the fresh air while dancing.

3. Read to your kids

Patios make excellent spots for some reading time. Set up chairs, sofas, cushions, or other seating. Outdoor lighting, throws, or even a fire pit will turn a cold spot into an inviting, warm place. Alternatively, you can bring out some cozy, comfortable blankets and make your kids their favourite warm drinks, such as hot chocolate or a babycino. Get the kids to nominate a book and spend a few hours reading to them.

grandparents are reading with their grandchildren on the outdoor patio

4. Plan a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are great ways to encourage your kids to use their problem-solving skills and spend time away from their devices. You can plan a simple hunt where the objective is to find hidden treasures or a more complex one where they have to find clues to locate a big prize. Hide chocolates, little trinkets, and new toys behind pot plants, under cushions, and in between any nooks and crannies on your patio.

5. Have a picnic under fairy lights

Turn your patio into a winter wonderland by hanging fairy lights around and above the space. String them around awnings, balustrades, or along walls. Use outdoor lanterns and even woven light-up animals (shaped like horses, deers, and rabbits) for a touch of enchantment. The lighting will create a magical ambiance as well as provide a level of warmth. Bring out some picnic blankets and set out plates and hot drinks from a thermos as you would for a picnic at the park. Sandwiches, wraps, hot pastry items, and snack platters are easy foods to prepare for your patio picnic.

6. Time for craft or building a bird feeder

What about some craft time? Kids love getting creative and tactile, so why not spend some time on your patio creating craft items that you can use to decorate the space. Another idea could be making bird feeders boxes, and baths to attract wildlife into your garden. You can create rustic wreaths and figurines from foliage, pinecones, berries, and ribbons to hang on the patio. Decorating glass candle holders with foliage, string, and ribbons is another idea.

Stringing items from your garden, such as dried flowers, twigs, pinecones, and feathers to hang along your patio walls or posts could be another craft project to consider. Other ideas include painting pots for potting plants; embroidering cushions for outdoor seating; and painting rock houses, fairy houses, and gnomes. Kids will get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as these can all be used to decorate and accessorise your patio.


From building a fort to holding a patio dance party, the fun things you can do during the colder months can be kid-friendly and enjoyable for the adults too. For some quiet time and fresh air, read to your kids or set up a picnic under fairy lights. Alternatively, your patio is an ideal area for a scavenger hunt or some arts-and-crafts time. Remember, winter’s not only about staying indoors and huddling near the heater. By incorporating your patio into your activities, you’ll make your recreational time at home more fun. What’s more, everyone in the household will have the chance to enjoy some views, natural light, and fresh air for good health.

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