How to Design the Ultimate Indoor Entertainment Space

Improve your home and impress your guests with an indoor entertainment space made for the Australian lifestyle. Australians love the outdoors as well as entertaining friends a and family, and many of them are choosing to incorporate this love for alfresco dining into their design plans.

The use of retractable fly screens, sliding, and bi-fold doors can be a simple way of bringing the outdoors inside, providing good flow from the main living space to the outside patio all year round. Here are some simple tips and creative ideas to integrate screen doors and windows to achieve the perfect indoor/outdoor living area which takes advantage of the Australian climate.

Open up your living space

Older homes often have each living space closed-off from the other. This can make it isolating and crowded when it comes to entertaining. Opening up your main living areas – e.g. kitchen, dining room, and living room – to achieve an open-planned living space will instantly create more flow and make it a more inviting space for guests. The benefit of open-planned living is that you aren’t restricted with design ideas. Having a kitchen space that flows to an open dining room through to a living area provides an aesthetically pleasing flow and allows guests to wander easily from space to space.

Bi-fold doors

One of the easiest ways to link the indoors with the outdoors is by installing bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors are a stylish and functional way to add both a statement and function to your entertainment space. One of the most popular ways of extending your home is with the use of bi-folds. If you want to connect your living or kitchen space with your outdoor patio or pergola, installing bi-fold doors gives you complete freedom of design and also adds value to your property.

Outdoor patio/pergola

Make the most of your entertainment space by installing an outdoor patio or pergola. Pergolas are a great way to create a room outdoors which can integrate your indoor entertainment space to create a stunning indoor/outdoor flow in your house. For entertaining guests, pergolas or a patio space outdoors creates an atmospheric space which can be utilized during the warmer days and nights; providing a shady spot and one that can be decorated to tie in with your indoor space. Think about tying the two spaces together with the same colour scheme through use of furniture’s, or with plants and even tiki torches to create a charming setting.

Consider retractable fly screens

Enjoying the great outdoors unfortunately comes with the many insects that are common in Australia! This is where fly screens can up the comfort factor and keep your family and your guests free from nasty mosquito bites or creepy crawlies. One aesthetically pleasing solution is to install retractable window screens, as these screens keep the pests out without infringing upon your view of outside. If you want your entertainment and outdoor space to flow, you can choose different styles and colours of retractable window screens to match with your home decor and surrounding space.


Using lighting as a design element in your entertainment space can create a great atmosphere. For an indoor/outdoor space, think about adding ceiling fans as they flow easily from inside to outside. You can install a ceiling fan in your outdoor pergola and in your main living room or space that directly connects to the outdoor area. In the living room, add some mood lighting with the addition of floor lamps and sconces, as this is the place where most people will relax as well a be entertained. Having a flexible lighting system can allow you to achieve the relaxed, casual setting of daytime get togethers as well as the comfortable, cosy setting of moodier low-level lighting.

Add a statement feature piece

A lot of great entertainment spaces contain at least one feature piece that allows guests to come together. This could be anything from a central island countertop in the kitchen with bar stools for guests to sit, a big screen TV or projector screen in the living room, or even an outdoor pizza oven in your outdoor patio. Providing a space for guests to sit and relax with their food and drinks adds to the comfort level of your home and makes the most of functional design.

Liven up your entertainment space with Artilux

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