20 Easy Ways To Make Your Backyard The Place To Be

Whether you have a small or big backyard, a makeover doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. With just a few simple changes, you can turn your backyard into a place where you’d want to spend time relaxing in the sun, reading, gardening, or hanging out with friends and family.

Looking for ideas? We’ve put together 20 cheap and easy ways to make your backyard a standout part of your home, and the place to be in summer or spring.

1. Build a patio or deck

Build a simple patio or elevated deck for outdoor entertaining. Flooring options include concrete, pavers (stone, bricks, tile), and wood or composite decking.

2. Add furniture

Add outdoor furniture to your patio or deck and make it look like a living room with a coffee table, sofa, pillows, a blanket, rug, and TV.

3. Heat it up!

Heat up those cold nights with a built-in or portable fire pit. If you don’t want to play with fire, consider using an electric or propane outdoor heater.

4. Include a kitchen/bar

Don’t forget to include an outdoor kitchen/bar for hosting parties or BBQ nights, complete with a grill, oven, stove, benchtop, sink, mini fridge, and bar counter lined with chairs.

5. Set up a dining area

Set up an area for dining so you can enjoy eating outside with your family and friends. A simple dining table and chairs will do the trick!

6. Light it up!

Outdoor lights will help you see in the dark and show off your garden at night. Lanterns, string lights, accent lights, tealights, and pendant lights create a lovely ambience.

7. Create shade

Protect yourself from the sun and rain by creating shade in your outdoor space. Use a large umbrella, gazebo, pergola, awning, leafy trees, or vines growing over arbours.

8. Install a water feature

The sight and sound of water has a calming effect, so install a garden pond, koi pond, small fountain or spring, or a bird bath in your backyard.

9. Enjoy a soak!

Cool off in hot weather and stay warm on cold nights by soaking in a built-in or inflatable swimming pool or in a hot tub or spa.

10. Hang a swing or hammock

You can also relax in your backyard by hanging a hammock between two trees or posts, or hanging a swing from a sturdy branch or overhead roof.

11. Provide a walkway

Provide a walkway (concrete, paved, wooden) from the patio or deck to the garden. It makes it easier to get around and protects your lawn and garden from foot traffic.

12. Offer privacy

Offer privacy by dividing and secluding areas with screens, walls, fences, arbours, or overhead roofs. Or plant tall shrubs, thick bushes and hedges, and put a privacy screen on your deck.

13. Keep your tools in a shed

Keep your tools inside a small shed to make your backyard look neat and tidy. These include gardening, landscaping, and recreational equipment.

14. Make your own backyard games

Play and have fun with DIY super-sized backyard games, including lawn dominoes, lawn dice, the cornhole game or Jenga game, a chess board, and a tic-tac-toe board.

15. Attract birds and butterflies

You can attract birdsby adding a nest box, bird feeder, and bird bath to your yard. Attract butterflies with a butterfly puddler feeder and a butterfly house.

16. Opt for container gardening

Container gardens are low-maintenance and cheaperthan in-ground gardens. Put plants and flowers in pots or planters and set them on your patio or deck, along the walkway, or around seating areas.

17. Let your plants climb a trellis

Bring vertical interest to your outdoor space by letting plants like vines, ivy, and roses climb a trellis. You can buy a pre-made trellis or make one yourself.

18. Place statues and sculptures in your yard

Add visual interest to your lawn and garden with statues and sculptures of animals (birds, frogs, snails), mythical beings (fairies, gnomes, cherubs), and colourful mushrooms.

19. Display a collection

Displaying a collection of your plants in small containers on a wall can be a great focal point for your backyard. Use a plain outdoor wall shelf to display low-cost succulents and cactus plants.

20. Grow a fruit and veggie garden

If you have a green thumb or want to save money on groceries, grow your own fruits and veggies.

Plant them in raised garden beds or containers for easy maintenance.

Enjoy your backyard from inside your home too!

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Ready to give your backyard a makeover?

There are plenty of ways to turn your backyard into the ultimate outdoor retreat without breaking a sweat or the bank! But before you start on your backyard makeover, take the time to create a really detailed plan to avoid mistakes or mishaps along the way and keep you on track.

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