5 Reasons to Install a Retractable Fly Screen With Your Bifold Doors

Over the last decade, bifold doors have become a popular choice for Australian homes. They are one of the main additions homeowners use to maximise natural light in the home and seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces.

Bifold doors (also known as folding sliding doors), slide open panels that neatly link together. They can include a standard-style door at one end, which you can use to go in and out of without opening all the panels.

When opened fully, bifold doors completely open up your space, inviting the outside in. The problem with that is that flies, mosquitoes and other bugs accept that invitation too. Thank goodness for innovative retractable screen solutions.

Screening solutions for bifold doors

Retractable screens and shades let you enjoy open-plan living while controlling glare and insects. They help you live the way you want, protecting your wide-span doors that blur the lines of indoor / outdoor from filling your home with unwanted visitors.

Being connected to the outside world is important for health and wellbeing. Light, air, views – these are all things to love about nature. Something not to love is insects that take away from the comfort of living with an open plan.

If you want to enjoy bifold doors and keep insects out, you’ve got to screen your doors. The best way to do this is to talk to the team at Artilux. You might be surprised by the options available to you.

You can:

Complement your bifold doors with style

Bifold units aren’t just a practical solution to opening up your home, they’re a decorative feature of your home. They are also an expensive investment and one you want to show off.

The wrong fly screen on bifold doors can really take away from the beauty of your bifolds, which is why it’s critical that you choose modern and high quality screens that complement the style of your bifold doors. Choose a screen with small profiles and extrusions and colour match profiles and extrusions to your existing frames.

Enjoy seamless integration

Retractable fly screens are designed to integrate smoothly and seamlessly with all types of bifold screen doors. Fly screens won’t affect operation and they won’t take away from your view.

Bifold doors can be fitted with the leaves of the doors opening either outward or inward depending on the layout and space of the home. If the doors hinge outward the screens are fitted to the inside of the home and vice versa. Generally, if the doors are open, the screen will clear handles and hardware because the doors are completely out of the way of the screen.

Use them only when you want them

Retractable fly screens are practical but discreet, neatly rolling back into their cartridge when not in use. They can be near invisible with the right offering, and can work flawlessly with both single and double doors. Retractable screens can meet most, if not all your specific requirements.

Match colours and size

From size to the finish, retractable screens can be customised to integrate beautifully with your bifold doors. Choose from a range of shades and frame colours, or opt to custom powder-coat colour to match your existing doors and windows. With today’s innovative choices, there’s no reason to fear the aesthetic look of flyscreens and with screens spanning up to 13 metres you don’t have to worry about size either! .

Benefit from ease

Innovation and improvements in quality manufacturing has improved the overall ease of retractable screens and bifold doors. Retractable screens are today sturdy, simple to use, and have soft close mechanisms to ensure that they retract slowly and evenly into its housing. Pleated screens are even good for kids to use, and provide little tension and greater visibility.

Finding what’s right for your bifold doors

All homes and lifestyles are different and therefore the choices available to homeowners should be varied too. You might not realise it, but there are a ton of retractable screen options that will work effortlessly with your bifold doors.

Whether you like a big 6 panel centre opening bifold or a three door bifold with two openings on one side and a single lead door to the other, there’s a retractable fly screen solution that will work with your choice. It could be that one big screen covering the whole opening is the perfect addition or it could be that you need two screens that meet in the middle or off centre. Whatever the configuration needed, trust that Artilux will find it.

Artilux was the first company to bring the style of retractable screens and pleated screens to Australia and is the leading supplier of high-quality retractable fly screens. At Artilux, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach and retractable fly screens come in a range of systems and cassettes to suit the many different types of doors and windows.

Artilux is an intimate family business that wants you to get the most out of your beautiful home. If you’re going to invest in bifolds, let Artilux maximise those bifolds by integrating the right fly screen solutions. Contact us today and optimise your open plan living.