Why You Need Fly Screens in The Australian Climate

Australia’s climate varies greatly from state to state. Much of the country experiences a relatively moderate climate, but there can be blazingly-hot summers and freezing winters. With the changing weather, it’s also common to see insects such as mosquitos and flies become regular – and unwanted – visitors. To accompany the changing weather and to shield your home from insects, fly screens are a must to give you peace of mind and keep your family comfortable, no matter the season.

Why choose fly screens for your home?

The fly screen has become a staple in the Australian home. They allow for proper air circulation and help to keep your home cool during the hotter months while keeping the elements out. Using fly screen doors and windows saves you money in the long-run, giving you the freedom to achieve a natural cooling system without having to constantly run air conditioning units during Summer. Australia’s outdoor lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with unwanted pests, but having fly screening allows you to enjoy the outdoors with protection from all of those little critters. While some homeowners may steer away from fly screen doors and windows over fears that they are ugly, modern fly screens come in a range of designs and are also proven to provide more permanent protection for your home, especially during bushfire season. Here is a list of the top reasons why a fly screen is perfect for your home and the Australian climate.

1. Keeps insects out

Growing up in Australia, we all know how annoying insects such as flies and mozzies are! They can also carry carry diseases which can be passed on to humans. In New South Wales these include Ross River Virus, Barmah Forest Virus, and in rare cases Murray Valley encephalitis virus. Pests such as flies, mites, midges, and cockroaches can also cause a health hazard. Fly screens will shield your household from these insects and the diseases they can bring.

2. Natural cooling system

Opening your house up during warmer, balmier evenings and during the day allows fresh air to clean out old stale air trapped inside, and provides a cleaner, more natural cooling system to each room. Due to their perforated mesh construction, fly screens provide added air circulation and a natural ventilation system to help keep your home cool in the breeze.

3. Added security

Security proof fly screens such as the Artilux Prowler Proof Screens are made using a stronger mesh bond, with Prowler Proof being Australia’s only welded security screen. These security screens can be installed in hinged or sliding doors as well as windows, keeping your home safe from potential intruders. These tougher mesh screens are tamper-proof and offer a modern, sleek look maintaining both protection and style.

4. Allows you to enjoy the outdoors inside

Flyscreens are a great addition to the home, especially in the Australian climate. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors while simultaneously providing protection from pests, unwanted critters, and airborne pollutants. Installing fly screen sliding doors in your outdoor entertainment space gives you the ability to open up your space to enjoy the fresh air and sights and sounds of nature, without having to worry about the elements. Welcome that indoor/outdoor flow the next time you entertain guests and make the most of this country’s natural beauty.

5. Good for allergy sufferers

Fly screens provide comfort from pests, but did you know they can also benefit those who suffer from allergies? For those of us who love the outdoors but suffer from seasonal allergies, fly screening is a great remedy. Common irritants like pollen and dust can be carried in the air and into our homes. Fly screens offer some added protection from airborne pollutants, providing extra relief to those who are sensitive to dust, pollen and mowed grass.

6. Comes in a range of styles

There are generally 3 types of fly screens. These are;

  • Retractable: (able to be drawn back or in)
  • Sliding – fixed: Made for sliding doors
  • Hinged: Fits to one side of window or door via a hinge (e.g. most doors that you open and close)

Along with different styles of screens, there also comes a range of styles of mesh, ranging from fine to thick. Depending on your need and use for sly screen in your home, you can find screens that are tamper and intruder-proof, screens that are pet scratch proof, and screens that are rust-proof. Decorative fly screens provide a touch of style, with the addition of a decorative screen adding curbside appeal to your home. Modern fly screens are easily integrated into your home’s unique style, ensuring that they blend with your home and deliver the protection, privacy, and security that you need.

7. Bushfire resistant

If you live in a bushfire-prone area, did you know that your local council may require a fire rated fly screen doors and windows to be installed in your home? Aluminium, galvanised steel, and stainless-steel mesh fly screens are fire-resistant and add protection from windborne embers and debris. Depending on what BAL Classification your home/suburb falls under, you may need to integrate fire rated fly screen doors and windows to your home. If you are unsure, contact your local council or shire to confirm your local areas fire risk category.

Protect your home from the elements

If you’re in the Sydney area and are interested in installing fly screens to protect from the Australian climate, get in touch with our team to book a time or find out which fly screen will work for you.