The Ways Australians are Upgrading Their Homes with Renovations

Home renovations are all the rage at the moment, as many people are looking to buy, sell, or fix up their long-term dwellings. With a lot of us working from home or spending more time at home, our residences have become even more important focal points. Like a lot of other Aussies, you might be considering doing your own home upgrades. Different types of renovations come with their own benefits, so which one is right for you? We look at six of the most popular, impactful home renovations to consider, and the advantages they could bring for your household and your property.

1. Landscaping

The front of your property can have a significant impact on not only the value of your home but also on ambiance, enjoyment, and utility. The first thing people see is the front of your home. Your front garden, therefore, could be the subject of a value-add upgrade that more than pays for itself, whether you’re planning to sell or just want to give your house a makeover.

Start with a healthy lawn; you can have a landscaping service lay down new lawn. Alternatively, add some seeds and water and fertilise to upgrade your front lawn. Trim your hedges and overgrown tree branches, and have your landscaping business plant some new bushes, flowers, and shrubs.

2. Decking

Outdoor living areas like porches and patios and even balconies are in high demand. If you’re introducing new decking, you’re adding to the liveable area of your home. If you’re refreshing an existing deck, this type of renovation could also boost the market value of your home or enhance your family’s quality of life by giving you more space for socialisation, dining outdoors, or just relaxation. When it comes to materials, eco-friendly and resilient options like composite decking are well worth considering.

3. Kitchen remodel

The kitchen is a high-traffic living zone and so remodelling this space is always a great idea. Kitchen remodels can be simple and cost effective or more involved with a bigger budget. You can switch out old appliances for new ones, replace cabinets and lighting, and/or update your countertop. You could change the flooring and update your sinks and taps. Simple changes could involve repainting cabinets and countertops, adding new handles for cabinets, and changing your cooktops.

4. A bathroom change

Bathrooms are another high-traffic area of the home and also an ideal focal point for upgrades. Updated bathrooms can attract prospective buyers or upgrade comfort and standard of living for householders. Focus on updating surfaces like tiling and upgrading fixtures and fittings. You could also add showers, baths, new lighting, and extra storage. Other ideas for your bathroom renovations include installing radiant heat flooring, heated towel bars, shower benches, more windows and skylights, and vent fans.

5. Freshen up the exterior

Give your home’s exterior a facelift with a range of upgrade options. For example, you could invest in a roof clean by professionals. If your exterior walls are looking tired and worn, a professional clean or a coat of fresh paint could give them an almost instant refresh and increase its resale value. Alternatively, consider using cladding for a new colour, texture, and look. Painting your doors and window frames is another way to freshen up the outside of your home. Adding new pot plants and accessories like door handles and door bells are other ways to change your home’s exterior without a big budget.

6. Retractable fly screens

One of the best value-adding upgrades for your property could be retractable fly screens. These screens can be a fantastic addition for your home because they allow you to bring in natural light while enjoying the views and keeping out the insects. They can boost energy efficiency as you’ll be able to encourage airflow without having to resort to indoor climate control. Retractable fly screens can be simple to install, and the best products offer discreet elegance with complete adaptability to any entry points and window design. Since these come in a cassette design with rolls of mesh inside a housing, they’re a space-efficient addition to your doors and windows.

Invest in your home

Your home is always worth investing in, whether you’re planning to sell or you’re looking to increase enjoyment and functionality. The best thing about doing home upgrades is you have a lot of options. Updating exteriors like landscaping, roofing, and walls can be an easy and quick way to improve the look of your home and its ambiance and feel. Adding a deck or updating your decking expands the liveable space of your property and provides you with an extra area for socialising. Bathroom and kitchen upgrades have the potential to elevate living standards, while adding retractable fly screens is another straightforward update that can deliver major improvements in comfort and enjoyment at home.

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