6 ways to turn your backyard into a spring oasis

furnished outdoor patio with latest design trends in a Sydney home

For some people, the thought of warm spring days and balmy nights is enough to get them through the harsh cold of winter. However, if you need something more to look forward to, now is the time to start planning and pottering around outdoors.

By taking the last few weeks of winter and using them wisely, you can prepare an outdoor area that is not only on trend, but an outdoor area that is also supremely stylish and functional.

Whether you’re envisioning gathering outside with friends and family for a party or hosting an intimate group for a nice dinner, there are many trends to implement in your outdoor area. This way you can create an outdoor oasis that can be enjoyed by all.

Outdoor design trends to choose from

Following recent world events, homeowners have begun viewing their backyard in a different light. No longer just a patch of lawn or overgrown garden of weeds, backyards can really be a retreat.

Furthermore, individuals are starting to realise that backyards can take many forms. In fact, backyards can feature everything from more traditional items like pools to more modern trends such as structured rooms and patterned verandahs.

When it comes to designing an outdoor area with trends in mind, there are no rules anymore. Instead, backyards have transformed into multi-functional spaces where home dwellers can delight in the fresh air while still getting on with the day.

Outdoor kitchen with a wet bar

With this in mind, outdoor kitchens with a wet bar are more popular than ever before. After being stuck inside, people are gravitating towards the outdoors. This may mean simply enjoying a meal outside or even cooking the meal outdoors.

An outdoor kitchen can consist of a barbecue with a wet bar or maybe even a pizza oven. The purpose behind this trend is to indulge in the things you love. Just remember to leave enough room for an outdoor dining set so you can sit and eat under the stars.

Structured outdoor rooms

An increasingly popular trend is creating structured outdoor rooms like enclosed porches, screen rooms or conservatory sunrooms. These enclosed spaces allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors while offering protection from the elements.

These types of structures are commonly referred to as three and four season sunrooms. In a three season sunroom, the room is enclosed in glass and ideal for mild seasons. On the other hand, a four season sunroom is also connected to heating and cooling for year round use.

Trendy verandah with patterns

Rug with trendy pattern featured on an outdoor patio in a Sydney home

Patios or verandahs with patterns are emerging as a popular trend for 2022. This is because by breaking away from tradition, you can add personality and style to relatively rudimentary things such as deckings.

The options are seemingly endless. Stencilled designs can be used on concrete. Decks can be painted with an almost wallpaper-esque pattern. Pavers on the ground can be colour coordinated or laid accordingly to form a checkerboard pattern.

Stay eco-friendly

Another popular trend is that of bringing elements of eco-friendliness to your outdoor space. While this may sound challenging, it’s actually quite easy. Simply look for products such as recycled timber or reclaimed wood. When it comes to things like planting, consider natives.

Outdoor office

man is working in his trendy outdoor home office

A lot of people have made the transition to remote work. To break up the monotony of remote work, more and more people are converting some space in their backyards into an outdoor office.

Some people are building pergolas or converting old sheds while others are simply using existing structures such as verandahs or outdoor tables and lounges. While making work feel like a holiday, remember to account for elements of ergonomics for good posture and joint health.

Bring the inside out

Bringing the inside out is another popular trend. You may decide to create another living area that blends seamlessly with the adjoining room in the house. For example, if this room is a kitchen and dining space you might consider creating an outdoor living area or even an outdoor eating space.

By having an outdoor room it gives more options when you’re looking to relax or entertain. When designing this space, make sure to think about lighting, furniture and of course the TV and speaker system. Don’t forget fly screens as well. As there will be a lot of coming and going, you will need to make sure that outside insects don’t fly straight into the home.

Creating your outdoor oasis

With more entertaining and relaxation time on the agenda for the spring of 2022, it’s time to start thinking about getting your backyard ready for such activities. Yet one question remains, where’s the best place to start?

By consulting the latest outdoor trends, you can easily select a few choices to integrate into your very own backyard. Turning your outdoor area into a stylish and multi-functional space that will be the envy of your entire street.