7 Decorating Apps That You Should Be Using


There’s really an app for everything, including creating a killer home decor look. Some of these decorating apps are so awesome you can easily do without an expensive design consultant. Why go for an app to help you out with your interior decorating? Not only will they help inspire your interior schemes and organise your ideas, but some decorating apps will even show you how your concepts will play out in your decorating space. Here are some of the best decorating apps out there to help you style and create your ideal environment.


This app lets you see how potential furniture will fit and feel in your space before you have to commit to buying. Snap some photos of your room, and it will determine measurements to help you find furniture that will be the perfect fit. Then you can add real-life furniture to see how it looks and whether the measurements will work. It’s great for for a new house that needs to be furnished or if you’re just looking to spice up an old room with something new. Empty spaces let you add the furniture in to see how it looks, and you can erase items in your photos of lived-in environments that you’re thinking of discarding.

Zillow Digs

Zillow is a free design app for iOS only, and your new best friend when it comes to planning interiors via tablet. This app is very practical, because it gives you cost estimates on a diverse range of interior design projects according to its vast database. Zillow also gives you access to thousands of amazing interiors for inspiration, and it’s all easily searchable by style or the type of space you’re working. If you love the look you see, you can find out where to get the materials to recreate it yourself. You’re also connected to a community of Zillow users, so you can get in contact for advice, save images to boards, and share your spoils via email and social media.


Need an accurate floor plan to help you start your interior designs? This app will get you just that, and all you have to do is point and shoot. Stand in the middle of the room and take shots of the corners, and MagicPlan will do the rest. This app is free until you want to add your furniture, but paying $3.99 for an accurate floor plan is more than worth it for the stress you will save.


If you want an app to help you collate your interior design ideas and inspirations, this is the one. The Houzz database is home to more than 5 million interiors images all organised and available at your leisure. They are all efficiently categorised and tagged, so you can search by keyword, concept, room, or climate according to your wishes. Collect and bundle up your favourites in your Ideabook so you can have it on hand or share it with your interior design team or family.

LikeThat Décor and Furniture

This interior design app is essentially the Shazam of furniture. Have you ever stumbled across a couch or side table you love, but there’s no way to check the manufacture? No longer do you have to take notes or guess the make, brand or price. Simply take a photo of the piece and LikeThat will cross-check it with its digital inventory of over 25 million decor and furniture pieces. It can find the one you like, as well as options in similar styles. Using this app you may just find something that suits your taste even better, and with a friendlier price tag.


Found a shade you love, but not sure how to find the paint that matches? You may see it in front of you in a room or on a building, or that colour you love could be a flower, a food item or even the hue of a good sunset. Just take a photo and let this app do the rest. Paint company Sherwin-Williams analyses photos on your Apple or Android device to find its accompanying shade in their extensive library. There are more than 1500 colours you can match with. Other cool features include virtual room samples, where you can choose one of the many colours and see how it looks in your home.

Vango Art

If you’re looking for a way to utilise your wall space and bring a touch of artistic finesse to your home Vango Art is your ideal tool to have in your pocket. Vango recommends art to match with your colour palette, allowing you to virtually try before you buy. The selection on offer is also created by emerging artists, so you can help support the visual arts community and snag a piece by an up-and-coming talent at the same time.