7 Benefits Of Installing Screens In Your Home.

Pleated Insect screen on the threshold of a bifold door.

There are several reasons why homeowners choose to screen their homes. In general, screens are installed as a way to make the home more comfortable.

As a rule of thumb, there are two types of screens: Security screens which have a double purpose: safety and insect barrier and Fly screens, which have the only purpose of keeping insects out of your home.

Fortunately in both types of screens there are many styles that look good, blend well with their surrounds and are well built. Also, they can suit just about every application, such as difficult to screen areas (big openings or balconies), where a common solution is double screen doors.

  1. Insect Screen: The obvious choice if the purpose os for solely keep mosquitoes, flies, bugs and creepy crawlies out of your home and letting fresh air into your home. They can be fixed fly screens or retractable screens.
  2. Security and safety: Depending on your home and needs you may choose to install security or barrier doors. These types of screen are extremely difficult to break through and add another layer of defence against a potential burglary or home invasion.
  3. Style: By installing a decorative front door screen such as a heritage or wrought iron style screen you can create a first impression of the style and image behind the door and into your home. It is a clever way to “hide” a security screen and put it “behind” some artwork or decorative feature.
  4. Extra Light: Insect Screens or Security doors allow you to open up your home letting natural light stream in, creating a more bright and spacious feel to your surrounds.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Working with the layout of your home, you can install Insect screens and / or security screens which allow cross ventilation. During warmer months you can cut down on energy bills by letting fresh air circulate naturally and cooling your home.
  6. Healthy Fresh air: The flow of fresh “new” air helps lighten up a room by removing stale air from the environment. In addition, circulating clean air helps prevent mould which can cause allergies and respiratory infections.
  7. Enjoy the view: No matter how big your opening is, as mentioned before, double screen doors are a frequent and easy solution to difficult to screen areas; and by using black stainless steel or black fly screen mesh gives you the best visibility and therefore allowing you enjoy all the benefits above while enjoying your view!

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