14 Podcasts Every Home Renovator Should Listen To

While people love to think about renovating their house, finding time to research, plan and find inspiration is one of the inevitable struggles that faces any enterprising home-renovator. The solution for many lies in Podcasts, which are uniquely formatted to fit into our busy lives. It’s for this reason, perhaps, that podcasts are growing in variety and popularity.

Whether you have 15 minutes to spare or an hour, you’ll find a podcast to suit your time frame. You can choose a podcast that’s funny, mind blowingly interesting, educational, fictional, political, entertaining – and yes, a podcast all about DIY home improvements.

Here we take a look at some of the best…

Home improvement podcasts to listen to today

1. Young House Love

Sherry and John live in Richmond, Virginia and love to chat about transforming their house, living in it, and all the random bits in between. A new episode of Young House Love Has a Podcast pops up every Monday and discussions include “what rich people have in their houses” and behind the scenes interviews with designers. They also talk to design and digital trends.

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2. Home Is Where the Heart Is

From sustainable renovations to multi-generational houses, Home Is Where the Heart Is takes you through unique Australian houses with the people who have turned them into homes. Live, laugh, love, try your hand at a little DIY, and sit back and discover how to turn your home into Rancho Relaxo.

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3. One Hour Smart Home

One Hour Smart Home has everything you need to know to automate your smart home and life. Covering the latest smart home topics and devices, it interviews smart home company founders and empowers you to automate your home.

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4. Home: On

If you want another great podcast for turning your home into a smart home, Richard Gunter’s Home: On has all the hacks. Focused on the connected home and home automation tips, Richard will run you through industry news, the latest products and project ideas.Home: On also features some great special tech guests.

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5. Undercover Architect

If you’re worried about how much your renovation or new home will cost, if you can afford it, how you’ll avoid budget blowout, and whether or not you’ll get the project right, Undercover Architect can help. Designed to help you create a home that makes your life better, topics include building a sustainable forever home, passive needs in Australia, and real life renovating vs reality TV renovating.

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6. Renovate Australia DIY Renovation Show

For quick little bursts of advice, the Renovate Australia DIY Renovation Show offered some fast tips for home renovation. The publisher no longer has it online, but you can still listen to the podcasts, ranging from 4 minutes to 9 minutes long.

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7. Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast

If you’re a fan of the popular television show Fixer Upper, Fixer Upper fans Gary and Kathy Leland break down each episode in their podcast, the Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast. Discussing design choices, renovation details, real estate value and more, it’s a fun way to extend on your favourite DIY show.

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8. The Property Renovation Podcast

For the DIY enthusiast or home renovator, the Property Renovation Podcast provides the very best tips and tricks to try in your home. Learn all about tiling, method statements, colour in the home, project management and more from real homeowners and industry professionals.

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9. Clever

Clever is a podcast hosted by Jaime Derringer, founder of Design Milk, and Amy Devers. Together they interview a variety of creatives about their beginning, process and challenges. From photographers and interior designers to furniture designers, the mix makes the podcast an interesting listen.

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10. At Home with Bob Vila

For taking care of minor home improvement projects right through to major transformations, At Home with Bob Vila helps homeowners get the job done. The former host of This Old House is now a hugely popular digital influencer and he can single handedly hemp you improve your home.

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11. Style Matters

If you’re yet to find your own unique style, Style Matters will help you on that journey. Talking with a range of different stylists, designers, bloggers and tastemakers, Zandra Zuraw and Karen June Grant help you to discover your own personal style in your home.

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12. Today’s Homeowner

Fun, fast-paced, entertaining and chock-full of tips, tricks and techniques, the Today’s Homeowner has all the solutions for turning your home into the best home on the street. Hosted by noted home improvement expert and TV personality Danny Lipford, it’s a chance for homeowners to call in and ask for help live on air.

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13. Million Dollar Decorating

Award-winning interior designer James Swan interviews successful interior designers each week for wonderfully rich stories and little gems of wisdom. Gifted at interviewing, James makes Million Dollar Decorating a must-listen for budding interior designers.

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14. After the Jump

Another podcast that’s no longer in production, After the Jump still gets a mention due to its 100 episodes in archive. Focused on getting to know different creatives, Grace Bonney from Design Sponge talks about a variety of design-inspired topics.

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Whether you want to spend an hour debating the importance of a neutral palette, you need to know how to how to build storage shelves into the space between studs, or you want to find out more about Artilux flyscreen systems, there’s something to be gained from listening to home renovation podcasts. The only question is, which podcast do you start with?