11 Modern Interior Design Trends for 2018

How is it already 2018? Be ahead of the curve and keep up to date with your interior design. Here are the top 11 modern interior trends for the coming year.

1.Create the cosy

Artilux - Modern Interior Design Trends
Cosiness is where it’s at for 2018. Whether you have a large open space or little nooks around the home, it’s all about creating the feeling of a warm embrace. Use room dividers, separate spaces into different areas to be used for different tasks and dress up comfortable corners. It’s all about decorating areas to feel charming, stylish and most of all warm and inviting.

2.Bring on the colour

The right colour, that is.According to the Milan Furniture Fair, an event that’s been happening for more than 50 years, it’s all about warm and earthy colours for 2018. Think tones of terracotta, rust and sienna and you’ll be heading in the right direction. These colours can be used on anything and everything from the walls to the décor to the furniture. In terms of accent colours, it’s black, emerald green and watermelon red.

3.Brass overtakes copper

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Metallics always have a place in modern interior design, but it’s about which metallic to embrace. While copper has been exceptionally popular for the most part of a decade, brass is now taking its place. But who knows, within the next couple of years, we could see the return of the silver metallic. Watch this space!

4. Embrace natural wood

The light brown colour of natural wood, perfect for smaller spaces, is most definitely a design trend for 2018. But this doesn’t discount dark wood. In fact, the darker hue brings a touch of luxury to a room so there’s definitely a time and space to use it. It’s been said that people are embracing nature, seeking to return to a more simple way of life, which is where the natural earthen and organic materials come in to play. Contrast this with bright lights and you’re well on your way to being on-trend.

5. Simple shapes

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When it comes to lines and shapes, think simplicity. Geometric, elegant designs tend to have the highest value, especially when paired with slightly curved angles. When thinking of simple shapes, most people will conjure minimalist Scandinavian design as well as retro-modern classics. Also, metal furniture seems to be coming up, complementing the wooden elements mentioned above.

6. Recycle recycle recycle

Create attractive, unique designer furnishing by recycling your old ones. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, there’s a whole industry purely dedicated to reworking old furniture. Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. And this doesn’t only have to relate to furniture. There’s even a place for recycled timber wall design in 2018.

7. The heart of the home

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While marble will continue to dominate in the kitchen department, 2018 will see a more discreet tone. Marble benchtops are likely to be as thin as possible going forward, with greens and browns the preferred colour options. Another popular look seems to be the all-black kitchen, giving the space a contemporary and sophisticated look. And when it comes to storing those pots, pans and plates, it’s looking unlikely that they’ll be banished to the cupboards with freestanding cabinets and open shelving taking the place of kitchen cabinetry.

8. Wallpaper is here to stay

Wallpaper is especially popular in the living spaces and it’s here to stay for 2018. In terms of design, it’s all about geometric or organic. Yes, these are vastly different styles but both just as beautiful as the other. With geometric, it’s dashes, stripes and everything in between and with the organic style, it’s watercolour or paint splotches. Both are softer backdrops so tend to be more widely used, and easier to work with.

9. Leather paired with natural stone

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Leather doesn’t just have its place in furniture, it’s also used in home décor accents such as leather shelf holders or leather ornaments around the home. You may even consider hanging a leather artwork. Pair the leather with elements of natural stone and you’ll be bang on trend. Marble, granite and pebbles seem to be the most popular again.

10. Small, colourful accents

Be bold in the accents, but make them small. For 2018, it’s a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese styles – the modern meets the sleek. It’s a neutral colour palette with a light touch of colour. Whether that’s throws, cushions, rugs or artwork, whatever it is, make it pop.

11. Be unique

At the end of the day, 2018 is all about uniqueness and originality. Find fresh colour combinations, blend textures, incorporate the cheap with the expensive and find new and unique ways to display your décor.