• When you purchase an Artilux Retractable or Pleated screen, you are covered with a 7 year warranty on the product and 1 year warranty on the installation, if performed by Artilux or an authorised reseller/installer.
  • To better understand the coverage and the limitations of the Artilux Australia 7 Year Warranty, feel free to contact us here.
  • DIY installations are not recommended and void the available warranty. In order to be able to claim a warranty issue on the product or its installation, the installation needs to be performed by an Artilux Installer or by an Authorised Artilux reseller or representative.
  • The best way to go is to have an Artilux Installer or Artilux Authorised Reseller fitting the screen for you. In that way we can ensure a seamless, flawless installation, that is also covered with 1 year warranty (additional to the 7 year warranty on the product, this warranty covers the installation).
  • Yes. Artilux retractable fly screens have an inbuilt soft closing mechanism which means you never have to worry about the door or window slamming shut on your child’s fingers. The Artilux Allegro™ pleated insect screen is a free sliding, cord tensioned system which is not spring loaded and can be operated anywhere along the handle, making it easy for little children to open and close.
  • Artilux retractable fly screens and Allegro™ pleated insect screens can be manufactured in any colour from the range of standard colours from the Dulux® and Interpon® powder coating charts. The systems are also available in clear anodise and an attractive DecoWood® wood grain finish.
  • As standard, our retractable fly screens come in the following colours: Clear Anodise, Pearl White, Satin Black, Hammersly Brown and White Birch.
  • Artilux Allegro™ pleated insect screens comes in the following standard colours: Clear Anodise, Pearl White and Satin Black.
  • Yes. Artilux retractable fly screens and pleated insect screens offer a functional and stylish solution to screening sheltered enclosures. Please note, when considering screening an outdoor area, the standard application for the Artilux system is to provide reasonable insect screening for windows, doors and sheltered enclosures not exposed or prone to high winds. Artilux screens cannot provide security of objects, animals or people.
  • Yes you can. You need to allow for the bottom track to be recessed. When you are rebating or recessing the unit, you must allow access to the cassette in the event of maintenance or servicing. For more information, please contact us.
  • Yes. Artilux retractable fly screens or pleated insect screens will fit on almost any kind of opening, including traditionally difficult to screen doors such as Bi-fold doors, sliding doors, French doors, single-hung doors, sliding-glass doors, casement windows, and sash windows.
  • When not in use, the Artilux Allegro™ pleated insect screen should be pushed back to the retracted position, otherwise the mesh might lose its own structural support and may start to sag.
  • Keep clear of any dirt and debris which may catch on the threads as this may cause system to perform poorly. To avoid this, vacuum the tracks frequently (we recommend to do it weekly as within your normal cleaning routine).
  • When not in use, the Artilux retractable fly screen should be retracted into the protective cassette. Failing to do so, may result in the mesh increasingly bowing or sagging with time and eventually affecting the operation of the screen.
  • It is possible for the mesh to “blow out” in windy conditions. Should this occur, ensure the mesh is placed back evenly and crease free into the tracts, then retract the system back into the cassette.
  • Keep the tracks clear of dirt and debris which may catch on the mesh or brushes and may cause the system to perform poorly. Vacuum the tracks frequently (we recommend to do it weekly as within your normal cleaning routine).
  • Apply silicone based lubricant to the tracks at least once a month, to keep your tracks healthy.

Living in a Bushfire Prone area and working your way around the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) building regulations can be a little daunting.

As soon as summer season hits, one of the most regular questions we get asked is “can you help me with screening my home? It’s in a bushfire zone”. The answer is often; “yes!”. However, it all comes back to 2 questions. What kind of opening or area are you screening? and what is the BAL of the area you live in?

So let’s simplify this whole BAL business.

BAL classifications are designed to improve building codes around properties in areas which are prone to bushfires. The higher the BAL number the higher the risk of ember and bushfre attack all the way up to BAL- FZ (Flame Zone) which is direct exposure to fames. Once you the BAL status for your area you can better assess your requirements. If you are unsure of the BAL for your area contact your local council and they will be able to give you details and advice you need.

BALCATEGORY Window Requirements External Doors, French and Bi -Fold Doors (Outward Opening)
BAL LOW No requirements – standard fly screens can be installed. No requirements – Can install retractable screens, pleated screens and sliding screens.  Can be standard fly wire.
BAL 12.5 Openable parts of the window to be screened with metal mesh with an aperture of 2 mm (steel, bronze or aluminium). Retractable or pleated screens can be mounted on the inside provided your door is non- combustible or is a fully glazed door, made from materials as required by AS3959.2009.  Alternatively it must be fully screened with metal mesh with an aperture of 2 mm (steel, bronze or aluminium).
BAL 19 Openable parts of the window to be screened with metal mesh with an aperture of 2 mm (steel, bronze or aluminium). Retractable or pleated screen can be mounted on the inside provided your door is non- combustible or is a fully glazed door, made from materials as required by AS3959.2009.   Alternatively it must be fully screened with metal mesh with an aperture of 2 mm (steel, bronze or aluminium).
BAL 29 Openable parts of the window to be screened with metal mesh with an aperture of 2 mm (steel, bronze or aluminium). Retractable or pleated screen can be mounted on the inside provided your door is non- combustible or is a fully glazed door, made from materials as required by AS3959.2009.   Alternatively it must be fully screened with metal mesh with an aperture of 2 mm (steel, bronze or aluminium).
BAL 40 Openable parts of the window to be screened with metal mesh with an aperture of 2 mm (steel or bronze only). Retractable or pleated screen can be mounted on the inside provided your door is fully glazed door and made from is non- combustible materials. Alternatively it must be fully screened with metal mesh with an aperture of 2 mm ( steel, bronze or aluminium).
BAL FZ Openable parts of the window to be screened with metal mesh with an aperture of 2 mm (steel or bronze only). Completely protected by a bushfire shutter compliant with AS3959.2009 or all door systems must comply with AS1530 & 2 when tested from the outside.

Words From Our Happy Customers

Excellent customer service with quotation. Followed by excellent installation service by Rob who rang up advising that he would be about 20 minutes late. Great job all round.

Eddie Yoon – Double Bay

I have just had Artilux pleated retractable screens installed today and am so happy with the product. It look so good and feels like its been there forever. Artilux had been fantastic from he beginning to the end. Highly recommended.

Doris – Mona Vale

I wanted to say thank you to Spiro and Daniel who just now finished the installation of my gorgeous screens. Daniel was professional, efficient and very friendly, I would recommend him as an installer and Spiro from a sales perspective to anyone.

I am very happy with my beautiful screens opens up my apartment nicely to my outdoor living. Artilux is a very professional outfit.

Vicky – Randwick

My compliments to Artilux for a wonderful product and to Dudley for his professionalism, kindness and impeccable attention to detail.

Paula Z – Darling Point

I would be happy to recommend Artilux to others. My retractable pet mesh fly screens are terrific and with the wood grain finish they are almost invisible. Artilux was the only company I could find which sold pet mesh retractable screens and it is a great product. The service provided by Artilux was also first rate.

Joan – Cheltenham

I am so happy with my new retractable screen. Nothing was a problem for Artilux. Other companies I approached either didn’t respond to my calls or wanted me to have my floor tiles cut to insert the lower track. The Atilux low profile track is hardly noticeable and definitely not the trip hazard the other companies went on about. I would highly recommend Artilux to you and am confident you will be very happy with the product and service.

Kim Wight – Cronulla

When everyone else said it couldn’t be done, then came Craig & Rob from Artilux!

Bill Geroulis – Hunters Hill

The retractable fly screens look fantastic and they work beautifully in my apartment which has large floor to ceiling sliding windows. The screens are surprisingly unobtrusive and elegant. They hint at Japanese style. The installation process was straightforward and Artilux were professional and reliable – from quote to instal. The installer explained the operation and ongoing care of the screen rather than providing leaflets which I appreciated. I am happy to recommend Artilux and these beautiful retractable fly screens.

Lisa Bellsville – Waterloo

We would like thank you and your team for your excellent service recently.
In October 2016 we installed Artilux insect screens and have been very happy with them. A few months ago I noticed difficulty in sliding the screen across, so booked in for a service call.
It turned out that some of the horizontal cords had stretched over time, so we were told they would be removed and then replaced under warranty. Needless to say we were delighted to find a company which stands behind its product so well.
Two weeks later the screens have been returned looking brand new, and have been re-installed. Now they slide beautifully and we can enjoy having our sliding doors wide open without fear of insects flying in.
These days it is unusual to find a company which offers such an excellent warranty and takes responsibility for its product and performance.
We have not hesitation in recommending Artilux — great product, and amazing after-sales service.

Anita and Chris Levy – Pyrmont

Our experience with Artilux has been excellent. They have been very professional from my initial contact with them through to the completion and installation of our retractable screens.

They took great care in explaining everything we needed to be aware of before we made our decision. Also in the measuring up, and were particularly careful to make sure the colour matched our existing door frames. As a result the installation took place with what appeared to be the minimum of effort, and we very happy with the finished product.

I have to say, the screens look far better in real life, installed, than they do in photos.

Dirk N – St Ives, NSW

We have a variety of screens – on our windows and doors in our 140 year old house in East Sydney.We love the retractable screens , they have a small and narrow casing that hides the mechanism, they are easy to use , pet friendly, and unobtrusive. We have been renovating our house for the past 5 months and if all trades people were as efficient and positive it would of made such a difference. The Artilux service was amazing-on time, clean, fast and Dean the installer was very accommodating – nothing was a bother. A very happy customer.

Phillip Galbraith – East Sydney, NSW

‘Highly recommended , Great service, fast and reliable delivery.’
We got Atilux engaged in our home project very early on in the building process and they were so honest and told us that its too early and we should engage them later on in the project to avoid damages to the retractable screens during building process.After 18 maths and contacting them again, they showed up quickly and they knew everything and knowledgable and promised a quick service and they delivered on time and the product is so suitable for our windows.
We are so grateful that we didn’t install them early on during the project as they could have easily got damaged. Great to find honest , reliable company.

Sam – Penrith

I have French doors and didn’t want a track on the floor as they are high traffic areas. Dudley was professional, prompt and tidy. I receive regular compliments and questions about my screen and have no hesitation in recommending Artilux.

Linda F – Rozelle, NSW

It was a really positive experience dealing with Artilux. A professional and friendly team, excellent customer service, top quality installation and product. competitive prices.  No hassles or issues.   I would, without hesitation use them again and recommend Artilux to my friends.

Wendy R. – St. Ives

We are delighted with the product. The whole experience from quote to installation was perfect. Luke, who did our installation was absolutely great. Very knowledgeable on his products, and extremely efficient. Would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Janice Cox – Cremorne

Artilux recently installed retractable fly screens on the sliding doors in our unit They are an amazing product which was powdercoated to blend in
seamlessly with our doors and frames We now have an insect free unit while still enjoying the view A very professional company who we
would highly recommend Many thanks to Terry and staff Ross and Patty Balgowlah

Ross and Patty – BALGOWLAH

We have had 5 artilux retractable window screens installed. Each window is a different size and shape, and one is coloured. Doug came promptly and said there would be no problems with our old terrace house; then came Robert, and he installed them efficiently and on time. We are very happy with the results and know that we are now protected against insects so our new grandson can visit! We happily recommend this company and the work they do.

Ann and Geoff – Potts Point

Definitely recommend Artilux to anyone considering fly screens.
I have a large modern unit and needed a wide opening screen for lounge and bedroom 1 . The pleated retractable blind moves smoothly, stops wherever you need it and visible close up so you don’t walk into it – important as I have a 3 yr old granddaughter. From a distance I can’t see it! So product great and service from sales to accounts to install professional and friendly and phone calls are returned. The guys turned up on time, installed perfectly, explained the product and how it works and cleaned up their site before leaving.
I also had screens supplied and installed for the other rooms, same good product and service.

Randi Lapham – Lane Cove

The quality and operation of the screens for our french doors is perfect. Our Installer was a lovely man, Dudley, who did an amazing job installing the screens. What an asset to this Company he must be. It was so nice having such a skilled and respectful Tradesperson in our house. Its a rarity these days.

Tracey W – Mount Pleasant, NSW

We are extremely happy with our Artilux pleated screens. They fit nicely and discreetly in our trifold and bifold doors and have allowed us to open up the whole house. The magnetic system works smoothly. Our installer Dudley was helpful and efficient. We have and will continue to recommend these screens to others.

Mahtab Ghadiri – Five Docks, NSW

Great customer service & install. Reasonable cost and easy to work with…definitely recommended to all.

Maloy Jani – St Ives

Our retractable fly screens fitted to 10+ year old windows look as if they have always been there. Allowing now to have insect free fresh air, easily. Installation was efficient and house left clean. We are now ordering more for other rooms. Thank You.

Garry Utterson – Millers Point, NSW

From initial quote to completion of installation, very happy with the service here in East Suburbs, Sydney. The product is quality and a practical solution for our terrace garden which is entered via bi-fold doors. Definitely recommend and will utilise down the track no doubt.

David Koch – Bondi Junction, NSW

The pleated retractable blind is absolutely brilliant, it looks sensational, it glides very easily, no struggling, pulling and dragging it across to the magnetic strip. I can now open my double doors, look out to my back garden and enjoy the view without being attacked by numerous flys and mozzies. Cameron, did a magnificient job installing the blind and did not leave a speck of dust behind 🙂 – I love my new blind 🙂

Wendy Miller – Berowra, NSW

A big thank you to Kaaren and Dudley for working with us to address a small problem we had with our screen. The professionalism with which they dealt with the repair and the high quality results are excellent. This is a great product and one we would happily recommend.

Charmaine & Greg – Miranda

I had my screen install last year but the screen needed a bit of attention & as it’s still under warranty I called to have it service and what a fantastic after sales service . Kaaren was so helpful & book the service at a time that suited me & Robert turn up promptly. Fix the problem in no time. A company that is highly recommended.

Doris – Mona Vale

We had our artilux pleated retractable screen door and fly screens installed today and are very happy with them. We would recommend Artilux tol anyone. Your representative Dudley was extremely pleasant,kind and courteous a pleasure to deal with. Yvonne

Yvonnne & geoff – Little bay

I just had Daniel attend my home. He was the one who fixed the system before. I just wanted to commend him to you. Daniel rang to ask if he could attend the site early, I had a meeting so asked for him to come 15 min after his initial request. He was on time, masked and gloved, polite, professional. He was also so clean and neat removing all the screens and parts and clear in his communication around when the screen would be back. I wish all tradies were like Daniel. He is a real asset to your business. I hope you can let him know my feedback.

Eileen – Rose Bay

Love our new screens – they fit perfectly over the existing window frame so they’re invisible. Very happy with the outcome. Thank you!

Grace – Breakfast Point

Highly Recommend – Fabulous Company & Result!!

Samantha Cranny – Coogee Beach

Screens were installed ahead of time. Very helpful, responsive staff both in the office and on site. The screens look (and work) great!

Mark M. – Dover Heights

We recently had an Artilux door installed and we are really happy with it. It is a clever design and is very unobtrusive, both when being used, and when it isn’t. The installer, Pete, was very professional and went out of his way to ensure the door was the perfect fit. We had no back screen door for many years and it is so nice to feel the breeze coming through the back of the house now!

Allison – Concord West, NSW

We have a heritage listed home which has casement windows with limited clearance for the screens which must be installed internally. Your team worked out a number of clever solutions to our problem and installed the screens with very little fuss. We are really pleased with the final result and would not hesitate to use Artilux again.

Colin Forster – Killara, NSW

I have just had Artilux pleated retractable screens installed throughout my apartment. Because of the height of my doors, I didn’t have any choice but to use Artilux as they were the only company I found who could do that height of screen. Luckily I couldn’t have chosen better! Dudley measured the job and actually did the installation himself over two days (with assistance on the first day only). He also installed a detachable doggie door in pleated mesh to match the main lounge screen. The screen doors and tracks are totally unobtrusive, slide easily and of an extremely high standard. The window screens are equally as impressive. Without reservation, I highly recommend Artilux screens as I cannot fault the workmanship and Dudley’s attention to detail. A fantastic product, thank you!

Robyn Richardson – Ramsgate Beach