Window furnishings.


Window furnishings, where do we start?  Selecting the right windows coverings for your home is one of the most important decisions you will make when renovating. If you choose correctly this one item will do more than just look good. The right window furnishing can be hard at work providing privacy, light control, insulation and possibly security.

To follow are some tips on what to look out for.

Roman blinds on bifold doors.

Roman blinds on bifold doors.

The Look: No matter what style of home you live in there is a type of window covering that will suit it perfectly, lifting it and enhancing its characteristics. Options range from blinds, curtains, shutters and awnings, and within these styles there are countless options to choose from.

The Environment: When considering installing window furnishings it is important to look at where they are going to be fitted. Some materials and textiles are long lasting and cope better with direct sun or moisture. For example in areas prone to heat, blinds with a white or reflective backing work very well as do aluminium venetian blinds. In bathrooms, kitchen and laundries you would be better off with coated fabrics, PVC and aluminium framed furnishings as they less vulnerable to moisture.

Ongoing maintenance: Like anything in your home, your window coverings need a little maintenance from time to time, this can range from a wipe down with a damp cloth to pulling down heavy curtains and lugging them to the dry cleaner. Depending on your life style or application, choosing a functional and low maintenance window furnishing may suit you better then another.  For instance it is better to go with low maintenance furnishings when there are young kids (with crayons) around or if you have a rental property.

Light control and privacy:  Perhaps the room that demands the most in terms of privacy and light control is the bedroom. Blackout fabrics blinds, slatted Venetians and shutters are perfect for bedrooms due to their versatility.  Adding an external roller shutter can also add security to the mix.

Modern blinds are incredibly functional.

Modern blinds are incredibly functional.

Functionality: Doors and windows are two openings that function very differently and as such you need to look at how you use them to make sure you select the most practical covering for each.  High traffic doors tend to lend themselves to panel glides, side opening curtains, sliding shutters as they can control light while also allow you to comfortably walk in and out of the door.

Don’t forget the fly screens:  Something we come across often is that people take a long time selecting the right window covering, only to find they also need to add insect protection.  Try to keep in mind that adding a screen after your window furnishings have been installed can be a tricky or at times not possible.