To DIY or NOT. Is it worth installing your own insect screens?


Let’s face it, when it comes to DIY projects, how many times have we had the following thoughts:

  • How hard can it be?
  • That’s a bit pricey, I think I could give it a shot.
  • I’ve done some DIY work in the past it’s not so hard.

Well let’s give it a bit more thought before committing to a purchase that could be the beginning of the end of domestic bliss…

Retractable insect screens can de described as being similar to a roller blind.  Generally on a window they roll up and down and when installed on a door, they retract side to side.  It doesn’t sound too tricky.  Well, actually if the opening you are trying to fit to is level and square, there is no bowing in the top or bottom sill, if you don’t have interference from carpet or tiles, if you can quickly identify how it should run and how to run smoothly, then it is pretty simple.  Otherwise, here are some thoughts as to why having insect screens installed professionally is in your best interest.

  • What is your time worth?
    When doing DIY project around the house, there are certain tasks that you may experience with or perhaps do on a regular basis.  In which case you don’t really need to sit and work out a new product, how it works, how to install it and how to get it working at its best. Realistically retractable insect screens are a “one off” project in which most DIYers have very little or any experience.  Do you really want to spend an afternoon working it out?
  • What if your measurements are out?
    Even experienced DIY enthusiasts occasionally get caught out with an odd measurement being midway through a project.  Once a insect screen is custom made, where do you go?  Can you return it to your supplier?  Can it be modified and if so by who?  What is the warranty if you modify it yourself?
  • Is it the best screen for your application?
    When having a sales or installation professional go to your home, they can offer advice on the screens that best suit your home, your lifestyle and of course the opening you are looking to screen.  You can be confident that they will suggest the solution which is better suited for your particular needs.
  • What if you muck up the installation?
    Who will come to your rescue?  Can your supplier offer your troubleshooting advice? Will your supplier rectify the problem at no cost?

There are products that are more “DIY friendly” than others. In the case of retractable or pleated insect screens, our experience of many years in the field tells us that the key is a good installation. If there is something wrong with the functioning of the screen, in most cases it is an installation fault, overlook, or wrong choice of screen for the application.

Professional advice and installation from a reputable company saves you time and money, it gives you peace of mind that should anything happen to your screen you will have back up and perhaps most importantly restores domestic bliss.