The Quickest Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Adding value to your home doesn’t have to mean investing lots of money. Often it’s the quick and simple fixes that offer the best return on investment so don’t be fooled into thinking that added value is out of reach. Get creative and think about what would be important to you when shopping for a home. Chances are you and your potential buyers will share some similarities.

What To Know Before Renting Out Your Home

Many people are attracted to the opportunities they can get from investing in real estate. With higher housing prices and a more competitive market, becoming a landlord and building a property portfolio is a smart way of securing your future. If you are thinking about renting out your property there’s a lot to consider. Responsibilities include repairs and upgrades as well as anything you can do in making your property stand out.

How To Ensure Your Pet is Comfortable When You Are At Work

Leaving your dog at home when you go to work and seeing their sad puppy eyes begging you to stay is one of the hardest parts about being a dog owner. For most pets with working families, a lot of their days are spent home alone. This can be difficult if you have a new pet or a puppy who becomes distressed when you’re not around. Fortunately, you can train your pet to become used to – and even enjoy! – being home on their own. Here’s how to ensure your pet is comfortable while you’re away:

5 Home Improvements To Make Before Listing Your Home

Before putting your home on the market there’s a few things you can consider to even better the chances of selling. Being prepared and dedicating the lead-up to the sale date to cleaning & organizing will increase your chances of seeing a sold sticker.

How to Prepare Your Home for a New Pet

Bringing home a new pet is one of the most memorable and joyful experiences in life. Whether it’s your first pet or your tenth, having a new furry member of the family is an exciting time. Preparing for your pet’s homecoming will give them the best start in making sure they are welcomed into a safe home environment. Here are some helpful tips to ensure both you and your pet are happy and comfortable:

How to Design the Ultimate Indoor Entertainment Space

Improve your home and impress your guests with an indoor entertainment space made for the Australian lifestyle. Australians love the outdoors as well as entertaining friends a and family, and many of them are choosing to incorporate this love for alfresco dining into their design plans.

Why You Need Fly Screens in The Australian Climate

Australia’s climate varies greatly from state to state. Much of the country experiences a relatively moderate climate, but there can be blazingly-hot summers and freezing winters. With the changing weather, it’s also common to see insects such as mosquitos and flies become regular – and unwanted – visitors. To accompany the changing weather and to shield your home from insects, fly screens are a must to give you peace of mind and keep your family comfortable, no matter the season.

Designing a Home Extension with Bi-Fold Doors

Artilux - Bi-Fold Doors
Artilux - Bi-Fold Doors

Extending your house is a popular type of home improvement. It makes sense to want to improve where you live by creating more space. One of the most popular types of renovation is installing bi-fold doors, and it’s easy to see why. Bi-fold doors are perfect to integrate two spaces that otherwise would have to be permanently separated, such as the indoors and the outdoors.