What are the Benefits of Using Pleated Insect Screens for Your Home?

Artilux - Benefits of Using Pleated Insect

Pleated insect screens are one of the most innovative and easy-to-use screen systems for your home. They offer convenience and space efficiency without the traditional restrictions and limitations of regular insect screens. Elegant and functional, pleated insect screens also come with aesthetic and visual benefits for your spaces, allowing you to seamlessly open up your interiors to nearby outdoor living areas.

What are pleated insect screens?

Pleated insect screens are the next generation of insect screens. Instead of a cassette design with a spring-tensioned mechanism used in blinds, this type of screen uses pleats that stack away (or unfold) as you slide the screen closed (or open).

Why have pleated insect screens in your home?

Pleated insect screens provide a long list of benefits for your home, whether you’re looking for practical advantages or aesthetic improvements.

Keep insects out

As the name suggests, pleated insect screens offer a core functional benefit: they’re highly effective at keeping insects out of your interiors. You can introduce light and airflow into your living room, kitchen, or other space without inviting in unwanted guests.

Connect your outdoor and interior spaces

A popular trend with Aussie homes has been blending indoor and outdoor spaces. You can use pleated insect screens to link your outdoor and indoor living areas without letting in insects and debris. If you have a verandah, patio, deck, balcony, or outdoor kitchen, you can make your outdoor living area more accessible by using these screens for a seamless transition between the two areas.

This has the added benefit of making your interior spaces feel larger and more spacious, and the two spaces could even feel like they’re one space. If you have guests in your home, the option to open up your interiors and connect the two types of spaces can be invaluable, as you’ll be able to support more people by linking separate areas.

Introduce natural light

Pleated insect screens are a wonderful way of introducing natural light into your living room or other interior space without letting in pests and insects. While glass doors can let in some light, insect screens run from almost roof to floor, allowing in more natural light, and perhaps save on lighting costs.

Maintain view

Solid doors and even glass doors with frames can block or limit your view. They can lead to an enclosed or close-in feeling. With pleated insect screens, you get an unobstructed view through a thin yet effective barrier against insects.

Enhance ventilation and save energy

By keeping your doors open yet secured with pleated insect screens, you can allow fresh air into your house, reduce your ventilation costs, and boost health and quality of life in your household. Letting fresh air into your house could reduce the risk of bacteria and mould.

Beautiful, modern design

Pleated insect screens provide a modern, minimalist alternative to traditional fly screens. Elegant and functional, they’re designed to blend seamlessly into your doorways.

Easy to use

Pleated insect screens use a folding, accordion-like design that’s free of tension, in contrast to the heavy spring-loaded design in traditional fly screens. This means they’re light to operate and easy to use.

Space efficient

Though they can protect large entryways, pleated insect screens are space efficient, without clunky add-ons and heavy frames that can impede your view or take up more space. Once folded, they take up little space as the tracks are small and narrow.

Compatible with bifold and any type of door

Screening bifold doors are elegant and popular door options for your interior-exterior entry points, but they can be challenging when it comes to screening. Fortunately, the pleated insect screen offers a great solution: it’s one of the best screening options for bifold doors. They can be used on any type of door, including stacker doors. Additionally, with their narrow profiles, pleated insect screens also blend well with your door frames.

Pleated insect screens offer practical and aesthetic advantages for the home. They help introduce natural light, create a barrier against insects, and boost ventilation. With its space-efficient design and compatibility with any type of door, they’re an easy way to open up your interiors and connect to your outdoor living spaces.

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