French Doors – 7 Reasons Why They Rule.


Have you ever wondered why French doors never go out of fashion?  Whether you walk into a heritage style or modern house, French doors always create elegant transition from indoor to outdoor living. They simply look beautiful, but is there more to their beauty?

1. French Doors have timeless “Chic”.

French doors have a way of looking “at home” in almost any style of house. Their simplicity lends them to be dressed and personalised to suit traditional and modern homes alike.

2. Quality materials and hardware.

Due to timeless nature, French doors have become a “favourite” for manufacturers, enhancing them with add features and functionality. High quality French doors are built in modern energy efficient double glazed timber, aluminium and uPVC with plenty of choices of top of the range hardware in traditional and modern designs.

3. Energy Efficiency.

French doors naturally allow light and warmth to filter into a home. Choosing energy efficient Low-Glass or even better, double glazing can help reduce energy bill and also protect against damaging UV which can fade furniture and furnishings.  French doors fitted with internal blinds or the use of tempered decorative glass offer light control and privacy.

4. Form and function.

When used to open the home up in to the outdoors, French doors generally use a 3 point locking system for better security.  In terms of door knobs and handle levers there is a wide variety of colours, designs and finishes to suit just about any type of décor.  The beauty of French doors is that over time handles can be changed while still maintaining a classic look.

5. Light and space maximisers.

Generally most homeowners choose to configure their doors to be outward swinging expanding the sense of space in a room. Outward swinging doors provide a clear opening and uninterrupted view to the outside.

6. Discreet screens to match.

Traditionally, screens for French doors have been a nightmare to find and fit. Homeowners had just a few choices and mostly they had to fit hinged flyscreens which took up space and looked pretty ugly.  Fortunately there are now plenty of options such a retractable screens and pleated which are discreet and do not detract from the beauty of the doors or their surrounds.

7. Add value to a home.

French doors can really add value to a home, in fact they are often featured by real estate agents in property photos and used a selling point.  The image they portray and their functionality make them very attractive to property buyers.