Stacker doors are a fantastic feature when it comes to bringing the outdoors in.

Whether it’s for views, or to provide access to an open area, they offer great functionality without compromising on space as is the case with inward or outward the opening doors.
The question is, you have invested in stacker doors and made them a great feature of your home, you want to take full advantage of their functionality, right?

In some cases, screens for stacker doors can be perceived as a challenge, but it is not really the case. Artilux offers a range of solutions to screen stacker doors not just based on size but more importantly on the way you actually use them.

The videos below will illustrate two ways to approach the screening of stacker doors. These solutions can be suited with the range of Artilux retractable fly screens or our Allegro™ Pleated Insect Screen.

3 or more panels, all stacking to one side.

4 panels or more, opening in the middle (stacking left and right).

You can find out more about our Retractable Fly Screens range here.

What is a stacker door?

A stacker door is typically comprised of sliding doors with two sliding panels, which is used in wide openings or entrance-ways for a home. Unlike bifold doors, they do not fold into each other, instead sliding on rails. Stacker doors allows you to open-up space by stacking each door panel against a single fixed panel. People generally use stacking doors to open-up into an outdoor entertainment space, patio or balcony. They can also be a sleek, modern way of sectioning off large interior spaces. Stacking doors are a great way of bringing the outdoors-in, providing great views and attracting lots of light indoors.

How wide can stacker doors be?

Stacker doors can be up to 1.5 metres wide per panel and can consist of between 3-6 panels, giving up to 6.5 metres of width. If you’re looking at installing stacking doors, the total width will depend on how wide your indoor/outdoor space is and the specific aesthetic and functional needs of your project.

How much do sliding doors cost?

Sliding doors can cost from anywhere between $580 AUD for a stand-alone single glass door to upwards of $1500 AUD for a pre-hung unit. The price is ultimately dictated by the materials used as well as the manufacturer and models offered. It is recommended to visit a showroom and speak with a professional when considering getting stacker doors fitted for your home.

What are stacker doors typically made of?

Stacker doors are typically made of aluminium; however PVC and timber are also popular choices. A good quality timber stacking door will last as long as an aluminium or PVC door and is a stylish alternative as well as sporting high energy efficiency ratings. While screening for stacker doors can be perceived as a challenge, it is absolutely possible to fit a flyscreen to them. Artilux offers a range of screen solutions for stacking doors, whether its 3 panels or more than 4 panels.

What style of home normally has stacker doors?

Stacker doors suit any type of house, especially if you have a wide or large outdoor area or balcony. Stacking doors are a popular choice for homeowners who want to bring the outdoors-in as well as to maximise sunlight and use of space. Stacking doors are also ideal for showcasing a view or even used in office buildings as an innovative way to partition off workspaces. With a wide range of styles, colours and finishes it is possible to install a stacker door that suits the characteristics of your home.

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